How Can You Trust Your Intuition And Hear The Angels More?


When I was in my early 20’s I learned if I didn’t trust my intuition, bad stuff happened.


I was divorced at 23 years old, my son was 18 months old and I had to make it on my own with little to no family support.


Higher connection to the Angels and higher beings of light saved my life more than once and I knew it.


When I just trusted my 3D self and let my mind rule, I’d find myself pushing a huge boulder up the hill.  Everything was harder for me when I didn’t listen to my gut instinct.  I’d end up in these muddied-like predicaments that led to only more sadness and disappointment.


It would take me a ton of effort and time to dig myself out of the sink-holes to eventually pave another route.


When I would take the time to write messages from the Angels for myself in the form of answers to questions that I would ask, I’d be given clues and more pieces to the puzzle.


When my son was very little I realized my life was more smooth when I’d handwrite Angel guidance for myself that I kept tucked away notebook (hidden from the world for only my eyes to see).


Little did I know 15 years later that my work with the Angels and higher beings of light would be what I brought to the world in the form of channeled books and Angel healing services.


I’m so very proud of my clients in the Monday Night Angel Healing Sessions For Empaths.  They are learning how to trust their intuition by leaps and bounds as they receive Angel healings and higher intuitive guidance blueprints by Archangel Michael and the Healing Team each Monday night at 8pm PST.


The VIP Monday Night Member’s higher wisdom and soul growth continue to inspire me and my work each week.  Cheers to my Monday Night VIP Member’s (you know who you are) who continue to heal from past life trauma, become more connected to their authentic self and hear messages from the Angels more clearly.

My 23 year old self, holding my son Shiloh, age 2.

My 44 year old self, after working out at the gym, picking up Teriyaki Chicken for lunch.

What I’d tell my 23 year old self to help her trust her intuition…


  • Keep writing down Angel messages for yourself each morning and read these messages at night to confirm the awakening you are receiving.  The more you do this, the deeper you’ll begin to trust yourself.


  • Be aware of those people around you that want to utilize your skills and talents for their own purposes.  They are the one’s that will drain you in the end, leaving you wondering why you spent so much of your energy on them.  (Never give more than you can afford to lose, when your gut is telling you it’s too much).


  • Let go of how you think your life “should” go so that your higher self can lead you to what your soul’s calling (life’s purpose) really is, which has little to do with what the world says 3D “success” is.


  • Believe in your ability to feel the inner guidance from your soul.  When you get inspiration to check out a new direction for yourself, you don’t need anyone in the 3D world to give you their approval.  In fact, seeking the approval of others will hold you back in the long run.  When you get a higher Angelic “hit” on something, write it down, read it again later and take action when you are inspired to do so (even if you are afraid).  Your family and friends will not necessarily understand, but your higher self knows exactly where she’s guiding you.  As you listen to the Angel messages and higher guidance from your soul, you’ll begin to trust yourself more and more each day (so no one or no-thing can take you off track any longer).

Message from Archangel Ariel (from my book on Amazon, 365 Days of Archangel Messages):

“We see that what used to drag you down is causing less and less turmoil within you. You have been willing to brave many storms and find the jewels in them. You are a diamond in the rough. We’d like you to remember that about yourself. Trust that if upheaval should occur again you now have the tools to remember how to respond from that peaceful wise place you are so good at entering into. Continue asking “What will work even better for me that will also raise the consciousness of mankind?” As sure as you ask the question, the answer has already arrived. You are a vibrant soul upon the earth. Never allow your light to be dimmed by anyone who seems to know more than you. For what sets you free the most is turning your light dial up to full blast sometimes. There you’ll find the seeds of your greatness waiting for pure sunlight and salt-mineralized water to nourish your true soul’s essence.”

Here’s a couple questions for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below…


  1. What do you hold yourself back from because you’re not sure if your inner guidance is correct or not?
  2. What would you be able to complete if you didn’t doubt your intuitive hunches?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,

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