I believe calling on the Angels holds the power to save our soul.


Calling On Angels


I have a normal, everyday life like everyone else…Jer and I had a wonderful meal this afternoon. Barbequed, giggled and had fun watching a movie together. So appreciate having what I’ve always dreamed of in the love department and on the home front arena.



Jer being my twin flame, the other half of my soul, is a home coming in and of itself. Since we met, life has not been the same in a surreal awakening way. Every single day and week is a wake up call for me. I have heaven on earth with Jer, yet I am shown more trauma on earth for humanity will continue.



What if you had visitations with higher beings that showed you the truth of what’s really going on here on earth and how most of humanity is so caught up in 3D living they have no idea what’s truly happening?



I work out daily, take care of my body, do Archangel Light bath sessions, eat well, meditate, yada, yada, yada…



Over and over what’s revealed to me is… this stuff happening on earth is for real… the negative (unfortunately).



The communications with higher beings of light here helping us is making it more clear how important it is for all of us to awaken out of the 3D contextual, distraction thinking and reach for what’s true on a soul level.



So much crap has been removed from my light body, from my chakras.. my auric field energetically (dark implants and devices used for control).



To be born here we walk into landmines of dark shrapnel, multidimensionally that comes to the surface in our chakras that block our ability to see through the illusions and distortion of this world.



This is very purposeful energetically by the dark. It allows us to be controlled without our conscious awareness of it.



Coercion isn’t necessary because no one can “see” with their physical eyes how they are being coaxed to go down a darker path, that leads them away from their soul and further from the higher light that can actually help them.



Nothing matters but soul level truth. Your soul knows.



All else is illusive and illusion. Life as we see it has already changed.



What are we going to hang our hat on, truth or 3D illusion (the latest distraction)?



What would you do if you were told and were shown things were going to get worse here on earth no matter what and you and others were going to ascend up and out of it when it is time too?



Each week I have visitations with beings of light and love that give me feedback on this because it’s my mission to be a beacon of light for those energetically raising their hands for more help.



Knowing I only have a certain amount of time here on earth as all this goes down is surreal, yet it is made very clear to me week after week.



What I should blog about is always of utmost concern to my heart.



What’s suggested is to be an inspiration and give hope… to be a bridge for the healing that comes through the Archangel Crystal Lights and those raising their hand.



Every single day is a wake up call knowing what’s shared with me by higher beings and how much humanity has been completely messed with (energetically).



It’s really hard for me to post about everyday stuff that will not matter in the end.



Before it gets completely worse here on earth many will be lifted up (ascend) just like the Mayans did (at the exact right time). Not by our own means, but from higher help. I will be here until that time when those of us that have raised our hands are lifted up and out.



This is the biggest trip of my life to know this information and have communications where the higher beings of light confirm this over and over.



Took me all of last year to sink my teeth into the reality of it.



The Angel messages I post allow the Archangels to reach more people on a soul level who want higher help as things get worse here.



Half the time I don’t know if I should blog this straightforward or not.



However, it’s becoming ever so difficult for me to type about “fluff” stuff.



For me, it isn’t scary knowing this information, it feels freeing because I know how much we are being looked after, despite all the crap going on.



So much clouded thinking is happening with humans because the darker energies on earth do not want humans to know the wool is being pulled over their eyes in many ways.



There is much more to it energetically from behind the scenes of why more destruction and chaos in the world is happening at rapid speed.



Continue to be brave.



Raise your hand and ask for more help on a higher level from the beings of light when you get those nudges from your soul.



The ego mind wants to feel in control and doesn’t want to see what’s happening because then it would really feel “out of control”. Asking for higher help is not weakness it is strength. The truth is hidden underneath the layers upon layers we have been suppressed energetically by.



Ask to be connected to your soul fully again. Ask that all is cleared away that’s blocking you from you being completely 100% connected to your soul.



This will be the determining factor of what will save our life or what will cause us to suffer unnecessarily. We are in delusion if we think we can do this alone at this point in earth’s history.



Ask and you shall receive. This I know for sure. In asking… immediate higher help shows up.



Without question.



Message from Archangel Raphael

(Day 46 from my book, “365 Days of Archangel Messages” available on Amazon)

“You are trusting your innermost promptings more and more and we are so pleased. More abundance in all areas of your life are ready to flood in now. What brings you harmony magnetizes your desires. What brings you discord pushes it further away. The loveliness of your expanded awareness into more blissful acceptance of what you truly want has created a sphere of love vibrations that create your time and space reality to be moments of inhaled goodness with only more sweetness to come. We honor your ability to tune in and listen so intently because it is in that connection we are able to bring even more of your most cherished desires to you in delightful ways.”

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I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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