I believe that the love of you knows that we are at an unprecedented time in the earth’s history and what you think, feel and do matters.


White Light Protection



Questions by Kimberly:  


Archangel Michael and the healing team, how do you protect us with white light and can you protect us more from all the negative news that keeps happening in the world?


Answer by Archangel Michael and the Healing Team (message I brought through this morning)…


“You are correct in saying that there has never been a time on earth like what’s happening to the planet right now.  We celebrate you for having the courage to be born at the time in history that you are in.  


You knew before you were born what would be happening at this stage in the earth’s arena.  


Your sensitive energy systems (your body energetically) is picking up on the political and world’s conflicts that are happening.  You could say that life as you once know it will never be the same again.  


The tables have indeed turned and what’s at play now is what some term “energetic warfare”.  You are now seeing in plain view what’s been happening in the unseen arena for a very long time.  


The darker energies that came here long ago from other places want their way with the world so they can have power and control.  Sometimes you may even get the eerie feeling that when certain leaders are speaking something else is coming through that person that is very dark.  


Your gut instinct is correct about this.  


Agreements have been made from behind the scenes with darker beings that want the power and control with your world leaders.  


They have promised leaders around the globe that same level of rulership and control.  These agreements cannot be broken by us.  


We are here to help you and the earth’s people directly and have been here assisting for a very long time.  


Some call us the Brotherhood of White Light but we prefer to go by Archangel Michael and the Healing Team since our dearly beloved Archangel Michael has been serving alongside us to assist in the overseeing and protection of those souls who raise their hand energetically and say yes to our assistance.  


When you are troubled at night and cannot sleep we understand why.  


Your energy body, your aura and even your thoughts are being intruded upon by these darker beings, who cannot be seen with the human eye (most often).  They want humanity at large to be numb, not question things and stay asleep so they don’t know what’s going on beyond the 3D materialistic world.  


Energetically your body is telling you that what is happening to the earth and her people is not good for you.  This realization through your body system is the first sign that something is “off”.  


This is your soul and our way of bringing you a sign, internally… a signal to pay attention to that says you can no longer swallow a pill of lies from the media, from your nations or from authority figures.  This seems like harsh words we are delivering today, yet we assure you that it is needed for you to hear the truth in which we speak in order to make higher decisions for yourself and the life of your loved ones.  


What’s to come for the earth is not going to get better… in the time frame that you wish it would.  Some doubt the presence of these darker beings since they cannot physically see them, but we assure you they have been here for a very long time controlling the elite and causing havoc for the average everyday humans.  


The more chaos they can create in the world, the more control they think they can swoop in and take.  It is that simple.  


White light of protection is needed at this time.  Archangel Michael, all of the Archangels and many of the Divine Angels have stepped forward for this higher realm earth mission to provide white light of protection for you upon request.  


We cannot interfere unless we get a yes from you for wanting our assistance.  We placed the blueprint for the Archangel Crystal Light Spiritual Protection Portable Unit inside Kimberly’s light body a while ago.  


We gave her the go ahead recently that it was time for her to release them to the public.  We have been working with her AACL Spiritual Protection Unit for the past year that she carries with her wherever she goes to ensure her protection since she has come to the earth for the specific purpose of assisting many during this time in earth’s history.  


The Archangel Crystal Light Spiritual Protection Portable Units take calling in the White Light Protection to the next level.  The frequency emitted from the AACL Spiritual Protection Unit is unique unto us and cannot be interfered with by the dark what so ever.  


When a unit is turned on this allows us to place a strong protective light shield around you, your vehicle and even your home so that you, your thoughts and your vehicle cannot be interfered with by these darker beings who like to create havoc and chaos in order to gain power.  They cannot penetrate the shield we place around you.  


These lower darker beings are removed from around you immediately and taken to a holding place far from here.  While you sleep we also show you more about what is happening to the planet at this time and you are given options for more assistance you can say yes to.  


When there is the point of no return for what’s happening on earth is when you raising your hand and saying yes to our help will matter the most.  At that time many will be saved from the earth’s atmosphere before the wider spread destruction hits the planet.  


We say this only as a pre warning for you to know you are safe, cared for and looked after by us if you want our assistance both physically and energetically.  Our mission is to be here until the very end so you can rest assured that you are safe and in higher care.  


The planet will survive this.  Mother earth herself will make it through the journey, but not all humans will.  


Some will leave with us and other higher light beings here assisting, others will choose to pass away beforehand and some humans will remain that choose to stay here afterwards.  The ones that stay will continue to be offered assistance so that all is not lost for them.  


We say to you that this is an individual choice we do not force upon anyone.  


All is a request.  As you ask for our protection, so shall it be.  


We love you infinitely, forever and always.  





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May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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