I believe that the love of you knows that you experiencing joy is your birthright


Finding Joy In Life



Message I brought through this morning from Archangel Michael and the Healing Team…


“To know you is to love you without question.  What’s available to you now is continued happiness, joy and Divine pleasure.  The door has been opened for this for you, trust this.  You putting yourself first and foremost assists the many.  All that’s available to you now is delightful days of connection, love and laughter.  Claim this as yours, for the time has come for you to live the joy tides of celebrated harmony.  You have already won in your heart of hearts.  This gifted treasure is for eternity.”



Ways the Archangel Crystal Light Portable Spiritual Protection helps you energetically & WHY use one…

Watch Archangel Crystal Light Portable Spiritual Protection Video

  • Switch unit on to flashing ethereal protection mode and place in your purse or under your car seat while running errands or traveling for added energetic protection on all levels (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual).
  • Places a shield of protection light around you while running errands or traveling by Archangel Michael and the Healing Team.
  • Connects you to the Archangels, Archangel Michael and Healing Team so that your sensitive self is more resilient to outside stressors.
  • Brings in a continuous stream of protection light all around your auric field for added strength, resiliency and focus.
  • Clarifies your thinking so that you can make better decisions while on the go.



Ways that Archangel Michael and the Healing Team helped me while I did an Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session today are…


  • Sent frequencies of rapid healing into my finger that got burnt on the stove top (feels like it’s being coated in a blue wrap with tingling sensations).
  • Removed heaviness, cords and a small darker implant in my heart from old entangled connections that came to the surface for release.
  • Healed my ovaries with rejuvenation energy so that my entire uterine area continues to stay very healthy as I get older.



Aha realizations I had today…


  • Love, laughter and joy are here to stay for you.
  • What you long for is going to occur.  Be patient, all is coming.
  •  Healing the planet begins from allowing the dark energy to be cleared from within our light body. Being stuck is really just old darker energies on earth holding the people back, whether it be with their thoughts or actual darker implants or devices in their light body as way of control and manipulation.  The more we receive removal of these darker type things that come to the surface for release in our energy bodies the more we are freed up from the inside out and can then be connected back up to the Divine completely so that we are never lost again.  Our energy cannot be used by lower energies on earth as we go through this process of clearing and healing for ourselves.



I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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