I believe the love of you knows that healing your DNA is your birthright.


If you’d like to clear your family lineage DNA or heal your bloodline you’ll love this message from Archangel Michael and the healing team that work through the Archangel Crystal Lights…


Question by Kimberly:

Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, when clients receive a 1:1 Archangel Crystal Light Session or join in on the Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light Sessions in what ways do you do Family Lineage DNA Clearing or heal the family bloodline?  DNA clearing is a topic of interest for many.  I know you are super good at this when clients are in session and if there’s anything you can tell us as to how you help my clients and myself with this, we’d love to hear more.


“Clearing the Family Lineage DNA has a multidimensional nature to it.  


When you receive an Archangel Crystal Light Session you receive specific frequencies to heal the genetic coding inside your DNA that enhances not only your well being but enables your family and Mother Earth to receive the effects from your DNA Family Lineage Clearing as well.  


We are multidimensional specialists in this area of DNA clearing and healing.  


Through the use of the Archangel Crystal Light Sessions we can precisely tune someone’s DNA molecular structure back to the Divine origin that was intended for that individual from their soul and God directly.  


This clearing first begins inside the heart chakra area, clearing the blockages here first helps the blood and energy system function more smoothly in alignment with a person’s higher self.  


After the heart chakra and old sanskaras (energetic scars) are cleared, we begin the DNA clearing and healing to help restore the individual back to their Divine origin of light.  


When one incarnates upon the planet earth the DNA coding gets interfered with and distorted from dark and lower frequencies that have pervaded the planet as a means of control and power.  


This has caused many sensitive souls a feeling of being “lost” in a dark world… a sense that something isn’t right, a sense that they cannot reach the Divine fully while in incarnated human form.  


This was not originally intended for the earth or her people.  


This is why the DNA clearing and healing is something we automatically do after their heart chakra has been cleared of lower interferences and distorted frequencies.  


We have done innumerable DNA healings with Kimberly which has resulted in her not holding onto unnecessary guilt from her family lineage that has been passed down in the bloodline for many generations.  


You can think of this “old family guilt” as being from the dark ages itself.  


Energetically the structure a distortion type of dark energy has been cleared and restored to Kimberly’s Divine nature inside her blood and DNA.  


The remorse and regret Kimberly has carried from her Mother and Father’s DNA lineage has been lifted for her and new blueprints have been brought in (and continue to be) that carry Divine Light Codes for optimal clear thinking and health within her.  


This has increased her joy levels significantly with more overall strength of being throughout her energy system, thoughts and physical structure.  


She feels much more light, with a sense of joyful freedom than she did some years ago.  


She is stronger now with less interference signals being able to penetrate the shield of protection we always keep around her from darker energies on earth that try to feed off lightworkers and sensitive soul’s light.  


Darker energies on earth usually try and trigger the “dark matter, implants or devices” inside one’s energetic field as a way to gain manipulation and control.


Since Kimberly has less “darker matter” energetically around her DNA and inside her energy system from all the Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions and is filled with Divine Light Coded Blueprints she cannot be interfered with by the dark as easily, that in turn brings her much empowerment which enables her to embody her strength of being, heartfelt love and light more fully as she goes about her day. 


Kimberly emanates higher light coded frequencies from inside her heart and DNA that directly send Mother Earth healing frequencies from us and the Divine as she remains in a peaceful state of being.  


This is why her being here on the planet is very purposeful.  


Her clients also have the same.


At a cellular level the DNA has been repaired.  


The family lineage does benefit from this because as all molecular structures send out a frequency signal, the one Kimberly’s sends out out helps her bloodline, who’s still living, be able to reach Divine Light easier without so much interference by the darker energies that may surround them.


This in turn helps Kimberly not feel dragged down by the family member’s issues that remain if they have chosen a path that still has repeated lessons to learn.  


In essence DNA Family Lineage Clearing does benefit the good of all humanity since every person on earth who’s DNA is restored back to it’s Divine Light Origin eminates their own Divine Light (God Light) directly for the benefit of Mother Earth and humanity as a whole, helping to restore Mother Earth and her people back to the Divine blueprint of goodness and connection that was originally intended.  


We welcome these questions as it gives a broader scope of what has occured on this planet and the energetic healing that we perform through the Archangel Crytsal Light Sessions specifically.


We thank you for your courage to be here on earth at this time and the faith that you hold.  


Through faith and love all of the Divine Blueprints for goodness, love, longevity, joy and peace will be restored completely at a future point in your earth’s history.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.


And so it is.




May your heart know how much you are treasured, loved and watched over.


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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