I believe the love of you knows that you are enough just as you are.


If you have been wondering if you’ve been missing something or feeling like there’s so much more that you’re not getting, you’ll enjoy the following message…


Question by Kimberly:


Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, what might we be missing in regards to the feeling deep inside that many of us have… that sense that something is missing but we can’t put our finger on it?


“Rest assured all you need is being brought to you with open arms.  


This is a time of reflection and review for many.  


What you are realizing is that even during the painful periods in your life you were being given assistance in many forms, whether it be by the Angels that are always at your bedside watching over you or by friends or acquaintances which brought you a special gift or message that uplifted you with love.  


You are realizing you have always been taken care of since the moment of your birth here upon the earth.  


We cherish you asking this question, for it poses within it the feeling or sense that so many humans have which is a feeling that something might by “wrong with them”.  


This could not be further from the truth.  


All of your life you have been seeking to improve and perfect yourself in ways that you might be understood deeply someday by others.  


The others you wish to understand you do not have your unique perspective like you do.  


Your lense is rare unto itself.  


Feeling understood at the core of you will come as you allow the yearning to go home to take you to inward journeys that greet you with open arms and bring you a sense of knowing yourself better than anyone else can grasp.  


For we meet you there understanding all of you without question.  


The part of you that feels something is missing is the place within that has never felt all too comfortable in this world.  


Your longing to return home has a genuine door to it, when opened during meditation or while doing an Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healing Session, this will bring you the low hanging fruit that fills in the missing pieces… soothes the longing.  


Your heart knows this already and it knows how to bring you into this space inside yourself.  


Allow the wonderment of you to bring you on anointed journeys where that which you cannot normally see or hear can be felt deeply and sensed as a feeling of connected wholeness (even if for brief moments).  


Call us in to meet you there during your closed eye periods of the day.  


We will bring you calming and soothing love, Angelic light and messages of peace.  


For lifetimes upon the earth have been weary to your gentle soul who yearns for more peace, we understand this.  


Allow your inner light journeys to begin with sound or soothing tones played in your room that bring you into a lullaby state.  


During these moments of quietude you will feel our presence with you.  


There is never a time when you are alone.  Allow the worry to fade into the pure sweetness as you enter the golden lit rooms inside yourself.  


Your journey is one that was prepared for you long ago.  


All that you seek is within you now.  


The wisdom of your soul is much greater than you could imagine which reaches into other worlds of time and space simultaneously as this one.  


You will not be forgotten.  


All you yearn for will come into play in due time.  


For now allow all that you are to be enough because the vastness of you is connected to all that is and ever was.  


Be gentle to yourself with your thoughts.  


Keep the pressures light upon your plate and partake in wholesome pleasures that nurture your well being with simple goodness.  


You are a gift to this world.  


Let your light shine our beloved – for as you do all that you seek will greet you with open arms and peaceful love-waves of uplifting sustenance.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.


And so it is.




I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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