I believe the love of you knows that self-care lights the way for peace to blossom in your heart.


Wooohoooo, so thrilled about all the progress the VIP Monday Nighters are making.  You are such a joy to this world in so many ways.  At the bottom of this blog post you can see the latest VIP Winner for the Archangel Blessed Amethyst Rose Quartz bracelet.  So much fun to package up and ship out today to this most appreciated VIP Member.


Even though so much is happening to the world, so much connection with the Archangels and healing team are happening each day (contact beyond this world good), which I’m eternally grateful for.


I just thank God every single day that I am able to complete my mission this time around and having brought through the Archangel Crystal Lights makes this 1000% easier, not only for my own healing daily, but in the lives of the VIP Monday Night Members and those that own a mini or large Archangel Crystal Light unit.


The healing team and Archangels can now bring us more healing around the clock and there is never a moment I am not grateful for this.  Before the Archangel Crystal Lights were brought through fully my emotional body and energetic body felt so beat up by all the dissapoints in life that seem to happen to us on this earth school.


Just want to say thank you to all of you who read the Archangel Messages and to the Angels and healing team who bring through advanced healing light that enhances our personal mission on earth so that we can complete what we came here to do.


Not only has my physical body healed, but my emotional, mental and physical well being continue to improve as I receive daily one hour and overnight healings with the Archangel Crystal Lights turned on 24/7 in our home.


Ever so appreciate of the protected light beam that creates a secure connection to the healing team that can’t be interfered with.  I waited an entire lifetime for 2016 being the year the Archangel Crystal Lights were brought through.


I searched higher and low my entire life, raised my son who is now 22 years and and little did I know I’d follow higher guidance to bring through a secure signaling light source that enables advanced healing to happen for myself and my clients.


Thank you healing team for consistently increasing my clarity so that the distortions of this world cannot pull the wool over my eyes anylonger.  No longer do I go off track in circles chasing my tail.  What a flippen relief that is!


Whew!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the higher light healing team who consistently upgrade the connection we have with you.


Final words before the Archangel Message below: Huge appreciation and love for all of the advanced light body healing the healing team does for me and my clients every single day.


This I know for sure…It is beyond the scope of this world good.


If you have been worrying about the future and you want more peace, you’ll enjoy the following message…


Question by Kimberly:

Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, many on earth,have deep concerns about where humanity is headed and are worrying about what the future holds for them because there’s a deep sense that something feels “off”.  What messages or advice do you have for us at this time?


Message from Archangel Michael and The Healing Team:


We understand your concern about the events taking place upon the earth right now.


Many of you are receiving messages in your dreams about the events that will take place in the future upon the planet, some of which may not always be good news.


The concerns you have are valid.  


You are waking up to more of what the future is about to unfold that is beyond the scope of understanding in many regards because of the vastness and multidimensional level these events are rooted in that are occurring now and will continue to unfold in the future.  


We know this does not sound like the most promising words we can impart, yet what is going to unfold was set into motion before your birth even.


You are not alone in this.  


All of your thoughts matter.


The hearts that you touch has the potential of lifting a soul to heaven’s heights before the window of hope closes for them.  All of what you do matters in the end.  


There is not one moment that is wasted with how you spend your time since the peace that you feel in any given moment holds within it the potential to lift others up with your love, presence and by your gentle nature.  


The design of your higher purpose has been pre-paved for you by your soul.  


Ask yourself this…


  1. What would I need to do on a daily and weekly basis to have no regret when I leave?  


We are with you supporting you through this time.  


As you call upon us, we are there bringing in more light and assistance for you.  


Each moment counts.  


There is never a time that doesn’t matter.  


All of your choices make a difference with how many doors you open for yourself and others, has the potential of lighting the path for many.  


The time is upon you in each moment to choose that which brings in more light for your soul and lights the way for others.


Recognizing that which feels illusionary and dims your flame down a couple notches is key to recognize so that you can make the choices that ultimately set you free instead.  


If something feels like it is dimming your light, pay attention to this and ask us to bring in more wisdom for you… ask us to show you what would help you in the most so that your inner flame brightens with more hope, love and deep understand of the given situation at hand.  


There is no right or wrong answer here… we only bring this up to help you pay attention in each moment of your earth time so that you are aware that the masks you sense other’s wearing are not personal against you, yet they are what’s happening currently on a mass scale.


A wide spread dimming of the light is occurring on an interdimensional arena (and has been for quite some time).  


This is why you have heard the term in the past decade or two that society has dumbed itself down.  


This dumbing down of sorts is taking place at a more precedented rate and it is not from your soul, nor is it from the Divine.  


It is coming from the darkness that would enjoy for humanity to all dumb themselves down for the sake of using your light as it’s light source for power and greed.  


To distinguish ahead of time how environments make you feel that you are about to enter into will be of utmost importance as you continue your journey.


Do you feel lit up with pure light that feels loving to you or do you feel constricted, boxed in and not able to express yourself very easily in the circumstances you think about. 


If you feel the latter then it may be time to call us in for added protection light.  


You also have the choice of not walking into those situations in the first place, if you have an invite that you don’t feel that enthusiastic about, ask yourself:


  1. why am I dreading this event, people, places or situation?  


Taking some time in meditation with us or receiving an Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session if you are drawn to, you’ll you will sense what people, places and things lift you higher and bring light into your life, encouraging your growth.  And which situations may impede upon your bringing in more light, putting a damper in the spring of your step.  


You are never required to place yourself in situations with anyone that you feel takes the wind out of your sail.  


There’s usually a higher reason you hold yourself back with these people, events or locals.  


Yet, if you sense you need to get out of your comfort zone and reach out for more help, go forth by all means.  


This is very needed if you are being encouraged to reach out for more assistance during times of loneliness, isolation or feeling like no one understands.  


You may be surprised how a little bit more support brings in the very light you have been seeking for quite some time.


Allow the worry to show you the deeper aspects energetically of your situation at hand.


You may find that your intuition is queuing you up ahead of time so that the light of you does not get all tangled up in confusion or the distortion energy that is so prevalent at this time.


In some situations it’s truly better to be safe than sorry if you are picking up a vibe that feels “off” to you.  


If your heart leaps for joy by all means celebrate.  


If your energy flattens at the thought of it, passing may be in order.  


Sometimes you will not always know the trouble you have avoided, but by listening to your inner instincts in this way your light will continue to become filled with more peace at the core of you.


You will know by how you feel (upon pondering what it is that’s being asked of you or what you’re about to do).  


To value yourself means to value the whole of humanity – there is no other way.


Other’s benefit by the love in action you gift yourself.


You are worthy of this act of self care and you always have been, even if others told you otherwise.


We are with you lifting you higher, each and every step of the way.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.




I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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