I believe the love of you knows that self compassion IS setting yourself free.


If you have been beating yourself up over anything, you’ll love the following message…


Question by Kimberly:


Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, many of us can be too hard on ourselves.  How can we have more self compassion and not do a sort of negative looping pattern and beat ourselves up over everything?  So many I hear from go through this, myself included sometimes.


Message from Archangel Michael and The Healing Team:


“You are in a precious reflective time period with where your solar sun is currently in your time space reality.  Many of you are looking at aspects of yourself and some are feeling a sense of remorsefulness and a sense of loss over the political arena and this is bringing up a sense of loss personally.


What is happening in your world events is a trigger of sorts and can cause sadness to well up from deep within without knowing the root cause.  This is to be expected this time of year and with all the global events taking place, for it can happen without warning, the feeling within you that you may be doing something wrong.


When early signals of beating yourself up begin to happen it would be well advised to ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. In what way has this situation been a blessing in my life?
  2. How is this causing me to grow and expand?


By asking yourself these two questions you begin to focus upon what your higher self is trying to teach you through the given circumstances at hand.  As you do this you open yourself up for a higher Divine light and guidance to enter in and make things easier for you in a multitude of ways.


The growth within your will occur through the expanded view – the overview.  When one’s focus narrows too much on the current events, what happens is a sort of limited access to the higher perspective of why things need to play out as they are.


Going into your expanded awareness brings you solutions beyond what you previously deemed possible for yourself.


As the past pains are triggered, it is best not to try to sort it all out with the logical mind only.  By going into a higher arena of thought while in a state of meditation with us you will be given a freed up perspective that brings you a sense of relief.


Saying a simple prayer such as: Archangel Michael or Archangel Metatron please show me how you see this current situation (I’m in or the world is in).


This simple requests brings you a heightened awareness and a shift in perspective from an Angelic oversight view that softens the hard edges and creates self compassion to be more effortless for you.


Any type of pain that arises may then be then looked upon as an avenue in… a reason to request a higher perspective from the Archangels to be shown to you regarding the situation at hand.


The more you play with this and take time for contemplation and reflection in this way, the more you begin to understand that there are many more factors in the world that cause strife and upheaval for many.  


So much of what goes on – on your earth is not your fault.  It is as plain and simple as this.


What you perceive as your reality may not always be.


Your thoughts matter, yes.  What matters even more is your ability to access a higher perspective for yourself.  For as you do you will set yourself free more and more.


Setting yourself free in this way is your birthright.


You are worthy of seeing any situation at hand from a Divine oversight viewpoint that’s always available for you.


May you know how much we are watching over you and guiding you each and everyday.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.




May your heart know how much you are treasured, loved and watched over.


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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