I believe the love of you knows that a higher assistance of light on earth will prevail.


If you have been wondering if the world will come to an end because of all the negative events on earth seem to be getting worse, you’ll find the following message interesting…


Question by Kimberly:


Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, many have the question, myself included, is it the end of the world?


Message from Archangel Michael and The Healing Team:


“This question is in the minds of many right now.  We thank you for asking it.


Much turmoil persists on earth as you know.  The persistence of the negative darker energies on earth are not letting up anytime soon.


What this means for humanity is the temperature rising, so-to-speak.   Many outbreaks of war like and outright warfare circumstances are happening externally in your world on many continents.  


Internally you are feeling the pressure imbalance of this… in other words, you are feeling the heat.  Especially those of who you are more sensitive by nature.  You are beginning to feel imbalances in your energy system, your body for no apparent reason. 


This is causing an unsettled feeling in many of you.  This unsettled-ness brings up many old issues from the past and also past lives to the surface for release.  This may feel like the inferno (literally) in you.  Or like the intense pressure is seeping out sideways.


We want you to know you are being watched over by us.  Your persistence with calling in more light for yourself, your friends and family members is very needed right now, through prayer and good intentions for those around you.


The light from the Divine, from God you call in brings peace to many more than you may realize.


The circumstances on earth will continue to reveal what has been going on behind the scenes.  More is coming to the surface in this regard that cannot be stopped.  


Your world is undergoing a transformation process where the darkness is being drawn out to the surface in such a way that the masses will see the spiritual war that has been going on behind the scenes for a very long time.  


This war behind the scenes has been with the darker beings who do not intend good things for humanity at large.   The higher beings of light are working diligently and have been assisting planet earth with having peace rain on earth finally, once and for all.


During this time of darker warfare happening in the unseen world of earth there’s a shift in humanity happening… the more conscious ones on earth can see plain as day what has been transpiring.  The gut feeling many have that more negative events on earth are to come is very real.


There are many who sense the end times on earth happening.  We say to you this IS the case and yet it is more of a cleansing that will be happening to planet earth and not a finite ending per say.


There will be a new beginning after this cleansing period takes place.  Many of you will return to earth after this cleansing period and some will remain with the higher beings of light… evolving, learning on and growing within the higher Divine realms. 


We eagerly await your return home when it is time for that, but for now there is an enduring period where there is much suffering on earth that will unfortunately happen, still yet.  


Some of you will be lifted up and out to safety before the cleansing happens while still in your physical body and others will exit their physical bodies in spirit form with many Angels at their side.  For those of you who have requested higher assistance, this will happen peacefully and with complete protection when as the time arrives.


During this period of enduring the events to come you will be protected as you request to be by us.  We cannot intervene where there has not been a request for more assistance.  This is why you raising your hand for more assistance helps us surround you in a protection light that will sustain you through the heavier circumstances that you will see take place.


We say this as a precursor for you to remember you have higher support, assistance and love that will help nourish you during this next phase of your earth’s transformation process.


Even though you will witness some defeats, you do not have to be defeated by the dark yourself… to the contrary.  You sustaining constant vigilance will be needed through this next phase of your time here.


Asking for the darker energies around you that sometimes permeate your thoughts to be removed is step one.  This gives us permission to assist you on interdimensional levels where the dark persists.  


You are needed for this more now than ever.  We always say to you, what brings you more peace, do more of.  As you bring peace to yourself and your family you bring much needed light and sustaining love to Mother Earth herself.  


To stay in a state of turmoil yourself is what the dark wants.  This interdimensional struggle between the dark intending to feed off of the light of humans and have their control over the earth and her most innocent beings of light is real and is happening.  


We say this to you because of the love we hold for you always.  It is through your awareness of this that you can free yourself from allowing these dark interdimensional beings to influence you are feed off of your light.  


Your vigilance in this area will help set others free as well.  Saying prayers for these dark beings to be removed from around you and your family members will help all of the Archangels and higher beings of light to assist you in all ways possible.  For this will be very needed as the months continue.  These dark beings are not destroyed, yet they are taken far away from the earth and her people into a holding space, sometimes for eternity.


You have more internal light and power than you may think over this matter for yourself.  You taking the best possible care of your physical vehicle will strengthen the amount of higher light that you bring through for yourself and others.  


Taking care of your 3D self in the most physical way strengthens you spiritually – more than you might realize.


Eating a high quality nutritious diet, exercising regularly and spending time in nature help you bring in and hold more light for yourself.  You will also be more grounded as you do this so that your roots are strong and cannot be knocked over.  


May you know how supported you are through this time.  


Allow the light of you to precede any dark thoughts, for the light of you knows you are safe, protected, loved and watched over.


You have what it takes.  Call upon us anytime you need more strength and wisdom. 


All that is before you – you can conquer.


Your heart knows that the love of you is the key.  For it is the love of you that will prevail.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.




I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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