I believe the love of you knows that seeing beyond the veil brings more options for all.


If you have been feeling like you have a foggy head or unclear thinking, you’ll find the following message from Archangel Michael and The Seraphim Angel Healing Team interesting…


Question by Kimberly:

Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, many, myself include sometimes, have said we are experiencing brain fog.  I’ve heart it described as feeling fogged up and not clear, or unsure about what decisions are best to make.  What’s happening and what words of wisdom do you have for us?


Message from Archangel Michael and The Healing Team:


“We see that many are experiencing unclear or foggy thinking.  This is happening in many forms.  The earth is thick with interference energy that is not good for humans for the most part.  


What we are about to say is with the intention of raising awareness for you and is through spoken the Love we have for you.  


When people experience a fogginess in the head area, this can be caused from the actual physical body, such as if someone is on any medications, yes.  However, most often the fogginess starts from the energy that is happening outside of their auric field that is not part of the human originally.


There is much distortion energy that has enveloped the earth and her people that has been here for quite some time.  This type of lower level interference came in interdimensionally long ago.  It was brought here by beings that feed off of the human’s Divine Light – as their energy source, like a parasite.  


This can be likened to any type of parasite on earth, such as mosquitos.  Mosquitoes like these lower level interdimensional beings want to feed off of their host to stay alive and multiply.


This causes many disturbances inside the human body, such as unclear thinking.  The light source humans have are very attractive to these lower consciousness parasitic beings through an interdimensional doorway, they found their way in and this has been one of the causes of this civilization not being able to reach full enlightenment.  


These beings are not visible to the human eye, yet those with a highly connected 3rd eye perception can see them.


This is not something to be frightened of, more so we are speaking these words to you to bring you a higher level of awareness so that you have a greater understanding of what the planet is currently going through.


Many things cannot be seen to the human eye (yet), however you are witnessing negative occurrences on the news now that brings to the forefront what we are speaking of here.


Kimberly was born on earth to be a conduit for our light, knowledge and advanced healing technologies so that many more will be assisted with the clearing off of these lower forces at work.  


For these beings do not have good intentions for humans or the world at large.  


We liken them to mosquitoes because you have more light, love, higher wisdom and power then they do.


They feed off of humans light to survive and find them a tasty treat, yet what they do is wreak havoc upon human brains with altering their thoughts with lower frequencies that cause distortion thinking and much confusion.  


What is even worse is that most all humans on earth receive many very intruding disturbances from these ill intention beings that create declining health in the physical, emotional and mental body.  


This is not only causing thinking and health problems in individuals, it is affecting mass consciousness as a whole.


Just like the mosquito colony, these lower beings feed and multiply.  


Interdimensional devices and implants get triggered inside the auric field, the light body, as lower distortion type frequencies are emitted by these beings with the intend to cause pain, unclear thinking, anger, violence, depression and even remorse in humans.  


Many have experienced arguments between relatives, friends or family that seemingly came out of nowhere.  These beings contribute and thrive on this type of energy.


This allows these lower beings an entry point into the human system.  When these lower devices and implants are triggered it can also cause foggy thoughts because the person’s light body has been interfered and so has their connection to their Divine Light (which is where clear thinking directly comes from).


This type of infiltration is happening to humans on the planet in sort of an invisible way.  This is also why strange ailments that cannot be diagnosed by doctors have been increasing.


Our intention for speaking these words to you is to help you begin to understand that there are many things happening on your planet that are not what they seem.  


This is why we previously have had Kimberly bring through messages of hope, peace, love and higher thoughts of what’s possible for you.  To focus your thoughts upon the higher states of love brings you an added protection in and of itself.  


More than what meets the eye is happening, yet it is important to find ways to reach for higher states of love all the more.


We encourage you to continue navigating your day with your feelings.  If something feels “off” to you it probably is.  


Spending more time asking for higher assistance will be needed for those of you who are ready.  Continue calling us in and any of the Archangels in for higher protection, guidance and assistance.  


You may call in Shiva, (a deity of God) who also removes these lower level interdimensional beings from around you.


We are here for you through the use of the Archangel Crystal Lights Sessions as well, where we remove these interferences from your system so that you are more fully connected to the Divine Light and can have feelings of peace, love and joy more consistently.  


It saddens us deeply what is going on in this time space arena of earth.  


We invite you to not let this frighten you, but motivate you to know more of the truth of what is happening on your planet so you can stay empowered through Divine Love.  


Seeing beyond the veil can be a liberating experience – with greater knowing comes more options for all.  


We treasure you dearly.  


One thing is certain, the love we hold for you is unwavering.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.





May your heart know how much you are treasured, loved and watched over.


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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