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I believe now is the time of the great awakening.


The healing team gave me a “hearing the higher realms” communication upgrade in and around my ear chakras this past week.  With these higher communication upgrades I can here exact wording and phrases with word for word sentences even more clearly now for my client’s who received their 1:1 Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healings at midnight this week.


I’m very appreciative of this because hearing what the healing team wants me to know is helping me with everyday life as well.  When running errands I can hear when to go where to avoid running into weird energies within people that run amok out in the world at large.  I’m able to navigate my day feeling more safe now.


I know they are giving my clients these upgrades too, as their souls says they are ready for them.


I have a portable Archangel Crystal Light mini, mini unit I turn on in my car and one in my purse when running errands or at the gym.  This allows the healing team to reach me more easily with wherever I am.  They then place a shield of protection around me and clear my auric field from anything that has come up to the surface from dark stuff trying to mess with me while I’m away from home.


While traveling, this proved to be very beneficial, as I could feel the healing team giving me a healing session even while I was on the plane, despite some drunken people seated around me on a couple flights.


It is very clear to me at this point that higher protection is needed at all times with all the anger and chaos happening in the world right now.  This is also why we have 3-4 Archangel Crystal Lights running at all times in our home.  This helps my VIP Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healing clients receive a continuous stream of protection energy and allows the 1:1 Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healing session clients to receive their healing session from midnight – 1am on the date of their choice.


I never would have guessed that this work would be my life’s mission, why I was sent here from the future to be born into this incarnation.  I had so many twists and turns along my pathway, so many learning curves, trauma, grief and loss to go through all throughout my life really.  At a few intersections in my past I’d almost lost all hope since it seemed like one trauma after the next hit.  Although I never shut the door to hope completely.


This was all part of the plan for my life the healing team told me.


I was always going to develop the Archangel Crystal Lights to find a way to heal myself.  Thus bringing this higher caliber of advanced healing from the healing team to my clients.  I am forever appreciative of this, for I know what it feels like to feel so abandoned, alone and having lost everything in my life (almost twice).


All this past trauma and sudden loss prepared me to find a way to reach the higher realms that guided me without lower interferences.  In doing so I was able to develop the Archangel Crystal Lights with my twin flame, Jer and see the results first hand in our children’s lives, who are so much more healed, connected and thriving.


I also get to hear back how much my clients are healed with many miraculous happenings occurring for them (and within their bodies) in the more gracious of ways.


What is becoming more clear to me now is how much I was being prepared all along for what is happening to the world now, with more negative events occurring that has shaken many up.


What I know for sure is that I will be here on earth until the very end, until it is time for those of us who have raised our hands to be lifted off this planet (by benevolent beings of light and love) and taken to a peaceful sanctuary place that has been prepared for us.


I am shown this was my role all along.  To be the Mother of the Archangel Crystal Lights so that Archangel Michael and the healing team could reach those who say yes and want more assistance during this chaotic time on earth.


With what has recently happened to the world on the news with many being unhappy with the election results, my mission has become even more concrete.  I feel a sense of tremendous peace (from the Angels and the healing team) knowing that I am exactly where I need to be with my soul’s calling on earth.  Being a bridge of light for those that are waiting for higher help in the way that is offered from the healing team that work through the Archangel Crystal Lights.


Everyday Jer and I speak to the healing team and we are reassured how protected we are along with my clients and our families being protected just the same.  There is nothing that is a surprise to Archangel Michael and the healing team with the current world events.  They tell us that is why Jer and I (being twin flames, the Divine other half of each other’s soul) came to this earth, for this very time in history.


All is in Divine order and those who are willing and ready will be lifted up and out of here when it is time to go before any harm can happen to them or their families.  They tell us this was always going to be the case.


We have known this for quite some time and yet sometimes this has been challenging to wrap my head around, yet now I am at the point where such peace resides within me from knowing how safe and protected we are by the healing team at all times.


I feel a sense of being right on track with my purpose.  A knowingness that I will be here right till the very end for my clients, friends and family members, creating a safe space of healing, love, connection and peace.  Everything is in alignment, despite what it may seem outwardly.



Message from Archangel Michael & The Healing Team:


“The way is being shown to you with love, gentleness, grace and through simple thoughts.  You will know your role and purpose more and more.  


What is unfolding upon your planet now, we know feels troublesome, yet we say to you that on the higher planes all has been prepared for ahead of time.  Your safe passage is guaranteed.  There is no question about this.  


You are recognizing the importance of simple living, even frugalness as needed – to prepare for all of the earth changes that are in play here now.  


You will feel who is most nurturing for you to associate with and be around more and more.  Trust this inner knowingness, for this will be your internal guidance system that will steer you in the correct direction for you.  


This is becoming more apparent to you now.  Let your heart guide you here.  


What is for your highest and best good, your heart knows this already.  Allowing your heart to lead you will protect you more than ever, so long as you are open to seeing the truth from your soul’s perspective as to what is for your highest and best good in each given situation.  


You will feel this in your heart and gut area.  Sometimes the journey ahead may feel like you are navigating without any visuals… you will find you need to navigate from your internal truth (gut-heart feel) navigation system.  


You do have this within you, to navigate in this way.  You will gain the skills of guiding yourself in this way more and more.  As you also ask for higher Christ Consciousness assistance with this, refining these skills will happen with more ease and gentleness for you.  


Let your heart be free from worry now.  All of your prayers and requests are being heard.  


Create your days to be more simple and hold  an easy going attitude of love and caring in your heart.  In doing so, you will be able to hear messages from us easier.


It is through your gentleness with yourself that messages from us can be heard.  There is no efforting needed for this.  


You are being watched over and protected.  


We love you infinitely and forever.  


And so it is.  




I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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