The Wounded Healer?


If something gives me an “ick” feeling… for goodness sakes, it usually is a warning sign for me.


How many times do I need to learn this lesson?


I’m getting better at it though.  It is so interesting to me to see the different levels of consciousness out there.  I suppose I can recognize them because I’ve lived so many of them myself at different times in my life.


Usually I get a yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach if something is “off kilter” or not for my highest and best good.  Things can look so peachy keen on the outside, yet what’s going on with another’s intentions or thoughts can be an entirely different story.


I’m learning to take heed of the ick warning signs… waaay ahead of time instead of getting myself all tangled up into energetic binds with others that will only lead to regret later.  I’m sure you can relate and have had similar feelings yourself.


It’s as if I cannot pretend anymore with others about anything.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  If something feels out of whack to me I show it and cannot put on a pretty smile to override the disturbing feelings that are registering in my body and internal energy system.


Before I had the Archangel Crystal Lights people were able to pull the wool over my eyes much more frequently.  I was shown this was because I had darker implants in my third eye and solar plexus that would block me from seeing the truth.  These dark implants would allow DF’s to mess with me… getting me to believe something was good for me, yet whatever the altered circumstance was usually ended up being a detriment to me in a multitude of ways.


I’m so relieved now a days that I can see the truth of what is really going on behind the scenes more often than not.  If someone is being fake or having a facade with their words as they speak to me while I’m doing everyday 3D tasks I am able to sense this with more keen insight now immediately.  As this happens I am ever so appreciative of how far I’ve come along the pathway with releasing the darker strongholds that were within my light body (which had been holding me back most of my life).


I woke up listening to the top ten Shiva mantra’s on youtube while I drank my green match – cacao tea this morning after a client emailed me and asked me more about how to call in Shiva for assistance.





I felt my light body strengthen as I listen to each Shiva chant.  I could feel darker type energies that try to sway me in their direction leaving (from outside the protection force field that’s around the house from us having the Archangel Crystal Lights running 24/7).


Shiva audios are also good to play while receiving an Archangel Crystal Light healing session with the Archangel Crystal Light large, small or mini unit if you currently own one and receive sessions daily with it like we do.


I also like playing Shiva Mantras that do not have commercials in them from youtube or my audio collection while receiving an Archangel Crystal Light healing session so that Shiva comes in for extra assistance with the removal of all darker type energies that may be trying to influence me.


This also helps the Seraphim Angel Healing Team while they remove DF (dark force) devices and implants that have come to the surface for release.  This helps give an added boost for darker force beings on a multidimensional level being removed from around us.


I chant “Om Namah Shiva” or a longer Shiva Mantra while going to sleep at night so that while I leave my body in sleep DF stuff cannot mess with me so easily.  I once awakened and saw a vision of Shiva gliding towards me holding his rod, ready to remove all that is around me that is of the dark (not of the God Light Source or God consciousness). This helped me realize how real Shiva is… always arriving when called upon from a sincere heart.


So much darker distorted type things are happening from behind the scenes we cannot always see.  However, if we pay attention to how our body feels inside, we surely can feel if something is off or doesn’t feel right to us.


I know people on earth are just trying their very best.


I also know how most people do not realize they are being manipulated into seeing illusions from dark device type implants that are in them.  These dark devices allow the dark to portray an idealized version (an illusion) of the what the person wishes to see, vs what is truly going on.


This type of being fooled from within happened to me for most of my life (from my light body not being cleared of darker implants and devices).


I used to wonder why I would try my very best, working my tail off with heading in a direction I thought was good for me, only to find myself in a situation or life circumstance that absolutely sucked the life out of me.


It wasn’t until I began receiving multidimensional energy healings with the Archangel Crystal Lights that my life circumstances began changing for the better and I no longer got into situations that were not in alignment to my highest and best good (or I quickly would see the truth and be able to get out of it in time).


Crappy circumstances happened less often such as a buying the wrong vehicle for me – a lemon that someone wants to dump on someone else or giving my energy away to so-called friends who do not have my best interest at heart at all.


I couldn’t have cleaned these life circumstances up with my mind or by reframing my thoughts.  That would have been putting the cart before the horse for me.


The process of getting clear and releasing distortion energy needed to be on an entirely deeper level all together… an energetic multidimensional level that encompassed cleaning up vulnerabilities (dark force implants and devices) which were in my light body and on an interdimensional level as well.


Boy, learning where to get this type of healing was key for me.  The only sources I would recommend for this type of clearing and healing (other than the Archangel Crystal Lights) is by Adriene Wentworth & Tara Lakshmi Kale.  Both of these clear and Divine healers have been empowered to do this DF clearing & healing for the removal of darker force infiltrations (which all of us have within us).


The Archangel Crystal Lights were also created for this purpose by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team with advanced interdimensional DF clearings and healings through an Archangel Michael protected light tunnel that allows the Seraphim Angel Healing Team to see very clearly what is going on with our light bodies on a multidimensional level.  This allows for very clear, precise and rejuvenating DF clearings, healings and DF removals to happen with speedy recovery for our light body by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team with absolute protection from the Archangels.


Over 5 years ago I tried other healers (who were actually very wounded healers) who said they could do multidimensional DF healing & clearings.  I only became more “slimed” than ever, with more darker stuff being put inside my light body, causing me to feel very ill, mentally off balance and sometimes bed ridden for days.


Most healers are wounded healers and have not been cleaned off enough or unplugged from DF groups of beings that end up coming through their energy healing work and doing stuff on their clients without the healer knowing this is even happening.  If the healer has made past life agreements with dark beings and they have not had those DF past life associations broken or cleared in this lifetime, then that DF group can come in and actually put devices and implants on their clients.


Holy smolies, not good!  This happened to me more than once.


This is why I don’t allow any energy healing work to be done on me from anyone other than who I mentioned above and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team with the Archangel Crystal Lights.  At this point however it is okay if more darker stuff gets triggered up to the surface in my light body from say… a yoga teacher doing Reiki or energy transfer in a yoga class I’m attending because The Seraphim Angel Healing Team will remove all that comes to the surface in my light body on a multidimensional level as soon as I get home.


Having the Archangel Crystal Lights makes earth living so much more palatable and healthy for me… knowing I can get DF stuff cleaned out of my light body immediately upon the darker heavy stuff being triggered up for release.


Most people on earth have DF implants and devices in them that affect their health, longevity and mental well being… that is just what happens here on this planet right now due to traumas Mother Earth received long ago.


Most people get triggered daily and have no way of removing the dark heavy stuff out of their system.


What are the results of the DF’s being able to infiltrate this planet and do their control stuff within humans without them realize it?


People going nuts.  Also the world’s control, power and greed leaders making erratic decisions that cause destruction to this planet… resulting in humanity to suffering even more.


When darker implants are triggered inside our light body for release, most often this causes us to not be able to think straight, feel confused, have anger and excessive guilt over our past.  As we know, mental illness symptoms continue increasing for many good hearted souls.


Mental confusion and distortion thinking allow the dark to manipulate us and feed off of our light, getting us to do things for their benefit… causing us to think, we are the messed up ones.  


Messed up, no?


Most people who are dysfunctional are only “messed up” due to all the dark shish that has happened to them.


Darker energies manipulating us is one of the major contributors of us seeing the world lose its values and humane ethics going downhill vs the world becoming more pure and connected to Divine Light on a global scale.


As we have advanced in technology over the past 100 years we have degressed with creating what Mother Earth was always supposed be… “Heaven On Earth”.



Message from Archangel Michael:

“Trust your inner most gut instincts.  This is where we will prompt you with what is or isn’t for your highest and best interest.  You may not understand the “why” part intellectually, but deep within your belly region you will feel that the person, situation or circumstance may not be the best choice for you at this time.  

As you ask us to guide you each day, you will be shown the way.  In your dreams, while you sleep you are presented the “why” explanation of the situation you were being protected from.  Releasing yourself from the burden of having to know why, helps you further fine tune your ability to trust where you are being led.  

As you see yourself steering clear of situations that may not be well suited for you, your confidence will increase with each listening step you take.  As you call me in you are well suited up for the daily decisions at hand.  

Allow your inner knowingness to become stronger in this regard.  I am with you in thought, deed and action as you request me to be so.  




I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,

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