Free Spirited Woman?


I just got back from morning yoga class.  Class today was so freeing to my body as the stress vanished with each challenging structured pose I held…releasing any “have to’s” in my life for the time being.


As an empath I focus on pulling my energy back into my own body and not “intuitively scanning” anyone else’s energy field or auric field so that I do not absorb into my system their heaviness or energetic “junk” into my auric field.  Basically I focus on not energetically “merging” with anyone else’s energy body (if at all possible) while I’m doing my everyday 3D tasks.


I’ve been given a light body scan blueprint by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team a while ago that allows me to see with my 3rd eye what is going on with someone’s auric field and body.  This light body scan blueprint has been so fine tuned by the healing team that I have to consciously focus upon not “intuitively seeing” what energetic blockages or trauma is going on in someone who is standing near me.


Right away when yoga began today I could hear and feel a darker device in the yoga teacher’s light body that was emitting frequencies of stress and angst.  I began chanting internally, “Om Shiva Namah” within myself silently to call in Shiva to remove any darker force beings that may be in or around this yoga class or attached to the yoga teacher.


As I chanted as class continued I noticed the yoga teacher’s frequency changed into being more calm.  Ahhhh… thank goodness.


I make sure to not ever go into anyone’s light body and clear anything.  This is not my job.  My work when out and about is to call in Shiva, Archangel Michael & The Seraphim Angel Healing Team to clear energies in and around the spaces I need to go into so that I don’t get messed with by lower darker force type energies that want to feed off of my light.


As I was focusing on my yoga practice with the teacher’s more mild frequency voice a sudden flash was shown to me of how this yoga teacher has a darker implant type device all the way around her solar plexus from a darker being who put it there.  Sometimes these darker devices get put on us in another timeline and end up on us in this life.  Past lives bleed into this life a lot.


Yucko, I don’t like seeing these things.


This darker wide belt like device has caused this yoga teacher a lot of angst in her life.  I could feel how practicing yoga has been a most excellent disapline for her to work on… going around this device when it is trying to trigger her into feeling very restricted in her life (as her life-force energy is been fed off of through her solar plexus).


Yoga, conscious breathing and working with our thoughts are very important as we know, but how are the people on the earth going to get these device type things taken off and those DF’s (dark force beings) removed from feeding off their light?


It is so interesting to me to see how much good we humans have done by trying to “bypass” all of these darker implants and devices that are in our light body affecting not only our health, but our moods and whether or not we move forward with our soul’s calling or life purpose.  At least many have developed skills to not allow these darker type devices to bring them down as much.


You know when you are triggered by something and you have a charged emotion that feels “red hot”?  I’ve learned for me, that’s usually a device or implant that has been triggered within my light body that is most often associated with a past time and place (often past lives, however I see past lives as simultaneously happening with the now on multidimensional levels in the time space continuum).


This is where multidimensional light body healing comes in.


I suffered for years from feeling like I would always fall on my knees in life and never could get ahead with my soul’s calling very far until I was shown to bring through the Archangel Crystal Lights so that the Seraphim Angel Healing Team could clean my light body off from these darker devices that would get triggered (some actually grow larger in size when they are set off).


Now the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have a way to reach us and remove all of the darker devices that have been triggered up to the surface for removal through the Archangel Crystal Lights.  The Archangel Crystal Lights hold a very specific frequency signal that creates a protected tunnel or tube like vortex where the Seraphim Angel Healing Team can come through in a protected way and heal our light bodies on a multidimensional level from things across the timeline (even past lives) that have come to the surface for release.


Before I had the Archangel Crystal Lights I had major headaches, weird body pain and loss of hope in a big way.  I realize now that most of my symptoms were from these lower darker implants being set off in my system.  All of which were connected to darker beings here on earth that need to feed of light beings in order to remain in this dimension.


There were things that happened on this earth long ago that caused an interdimensional “rip” in the protected energetic field of Mother Earth that allowed these darker beings in.  Once they were here the only way they could stay here was to try to “control humans” by placing control devices upon them and feeding off of their light.  They are dark and do not have their own light source, so they need to live through us to stay here.  This causes havoc to our state of mind and health in ways that cannot be fixed with only traditional medicine.


Many on earth “numb out” through medication, alcohol, food, sex or other addictive patterns, but this does not heal the root cause of what has caused us as humans to not be able to reach our fullest potential and our reason for being born.


I used to notice many free spirited women that lived or traveled to Sedona having sex with multiple partners or using sex as sort of a release, even if there was no exclusivity with the person they were sleeping with.  Having sex with multiple partners at once or casual sex is one way the DF’s can infiltrate women and put control devices on us that reek havoc upon our systems.


The more energetic sexual ties we have with others the more DF’s can place darker implant type things into our energy system to feed off of our light.  This causes so much mental distortion type thinking in individuals.  I’m sure you’ve come across people in the spiritual arena who you thought were very clear and connected, only to find out they are more confused than ever, only to become more clouded and unhealthy as each year passes.


This is an unprecedented time on earth for distortion and confusion thinking to happen like this and the root of it it all goes under the radar.  What has become the norm is to cover up or mask these symptoms with substances, sex or other more external stimulation for the sake of having fun.


The more chords are cut between any of our past partners or even anyone in our present who keeps flirting with us, the more devices can be removed from our system and also energetic ties across all time and space can be released making it easier for us to be empowered by the real light source we came from, God’s light (your Divine light if you prefer to call it that).


I have noticed that people who share their sacred sexual energy through having intercourse with multiple partners are actually the one’s who have more mental confusion or angst and health problems than others who have held their sexual energy as sacred, protected and only for a partner who they are exclusive with and vice versa.  When two people have the utmost respect for each other and who don’t sleep around the more God’s pure light can flood that couple with protection light that keeps their heart’s safe and connected to their life purpose.


I swear it is the oddest thing.  When I am standing close to someone who goes to clubs or who sleeps with multiple partners because they feel that is how they can be the most free spirited I can actually smell a certain odor emitting from their auric field, even if I am 3 feet away from them.


This is with people who look very clean and polished up on the outside.  My sense of smell is so heightened with being able to smell darker frequencies emitting from sexual control devices that are within someone.  (I think the Seraphim Angel Healing Team gave me a blueprint for this as well because of the work I do, but it is not always easy when interacting with the public when I come across this, I have to say).


It doesn’t feel very fun to be able to have this extra sensory perception.  This happened the other day with a lady who was helping me in a store.  Whew, that was so challenging for me to stay in her vicinity for the duration of her sales speel.  I ended up cutting that one short and drove home to receive an Archangel Crystal Light healing session straight away.


This gave me such an “ick” feeling in the pit of my stomach.


The more clear and connected to our true Divine light we are the more we can see clearly and the less mental health problems we have with our overall health continually improving.


Picture a sweet baby or toddler who is completely pure, innocent and connected to their true nature.  Being connected to God’s light, our Divine Light source without the darker stuff being in our light body was supposed to be the way it was.


However, that is not the way it went for humans on earth…as the downfall of earth happened long ago (with Mother Earth receiving this interdimensional tear in her light body which unwillingly allowed for the influx of darker energies to infiltrate the earth and her people), we as humans lost our freedom and true empowerment.


I feel so blessed to be able to receive Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healing Sessions a couple times a day and while I sleep with the Seraphim Angel Healing Team being able to remove the darker disturbing stuff from my light body.  I cannot stand it in there for long these days due to the mental confusion it causes and nauseousness I feel when it is triggered up for release.


For me, being free spirited means to purify my light body so that I can be absolutely connected to God’s Divine Light and freed up on all levels of my being.  The less darker stuff that’s in my system the more internal freedom I feel and the more I am authentically empowered.


Message from Archangel Michael and The Seraphim Angel Healing Team about being a free spirited woman (or man):


“Your true empowerment is available to you.  What weakens your system is not your true power.  Your heart knows the truth of this.  To free yourself of these lower disturbances is of utmost importance at this time on earth.  You have very fragile energy systems that are effected by these darker energies on earth that are here for control and power.  


These darker type beings are very real.  As you ask for more help with releasing all that is not for your highest and best good out of your energy system, we are there for you and bring you Divine healing at its best.  To be free spirited is your nature, for it cannot be any other way.  What has happened on earth is that your free spirited natures are being taken advantage of by sources that have ulterier motives, which may not have your best interest in mind.  


To be aware of this at this time in earth’s history is not only needed, but very helpful for you.  Allowing yourself to see this is not easy for some, we know this.  For others have been shown this during their dream time by their higher selves.  What helps you be truly free releases you from addictions and burdens this 3D world imposes upon you.  


To forgive yourself is the first step because it is in self forgiveness that the initial releasing of these darker energies lose their strong hold.  We bring you the light of self forgiveness today as you release yourself from any so-called wrong doings in your past.  


You are worthy of this and always have been.  Be brave our dear friend, you are enough and what brings you back to your pure innocence… do more of.  We are with you always.  Call upon us anytime day or night for love, guidance, protection and healing.  Namaste'”



I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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