Future generations are being assisted by higher beings of light, the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team


I was born on this planet in 1972 into a human physical form, although I am not from here.  I am from the future.  I was sent back in time to be born in this particular time space continuum for a purpose far greater (on a multidimensional level) than I can discuss fully.  I can say this, I was brought here to bring through Angelic Light Healing Instruments (the Archangel Crystal Lights) for humanity to be able to utilize to receive healing from the higher beings of light, the Archangels and Seraphim Angel Healing Team.


It was through the use of the Archangel Crystal Lights I have been shown (and taught, by being spoken to) my mission here on earth, my life purpose.  My purpose was number one to give birth to the Archangel Crystal Lights, which is a protected signaling instrument to the Seraphim Angel Healing team and the Archangels (and is protected by Archangel Michael completely from lower interferences).


Number two, my purpose was to be a voice for the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangels at this later stage in my life because most likely something is going to occur between the years of 2024 – 2031 that will be an explosion type of event which will effect many people on a global scale.  Some will choose to exit their bodies.  Some will choose to take their bodies and be beamed up (if-you-will) by higher Galactic beings of light that are overseeing this event for the good of humanity, and some will choose to pass away and go to the higher realms upon exiting their bodies before this blast type event happens.  Some even will survive and stay and others will be brought back here in due time to rebuild the earth to be what it was originally supposed to be.


I am shown we will see many outbreaks of smaller war type events and possibly nuclear things happen before the big cleansing event occurs.  The probability for this larger explosion on earth is above 85% at this point in time.


Number three, my soul’s calling was to come back in time and meet my twin flame at the exact point of intersection we met last year, 2015.  My twin flame, the male counterpart of my same soul also came here for the same mission, but mainly he was designed to be more ground based to bring me grounded energy while I complete my part of the assignment with my skills I have been gifted with.


We both have a Seraphim Angel part of ourselves that watches over us, mine is female of course and his is male.  We see them while doing Archangel Crystal Light healing sessions together.


We also both have an Andromedan part of ourselves which is our higher selves that is in charge of our earth mission directly.  We are in direct communication on a daily basis with our Andromedan higher selves which exist in the future.  We have visitations almost weekly with our Andromedan higher self, our guide.



Each time that our Andromedan guide comes through my brain feels like it expands multidimensionally into seeing things from a higher Galactic perspective.


We feel more aware of our multidimensional selves while in this physical body in the here and now.  And we are more filled with love than ever before with a deeper knowing-ness of what is going on here on earth and why we have come back in time in physical bodies to carry out a physical existence, a human life while our Andromedan male and female part of ourselves guides and protects us with the help of Archangel Michael and the Archangels.


When we speak to our Andromedan guide and ask if these events are really going to happen on earth he says,”The probability is really high.  It was always going to be this way.  You have always known you were leaving the earth in this way, by being lifted up and out by us before this event happens.”


I thought to myself, “But I cannot remember the talks I have with you when I am sleeping.  I probably have been shown this my entire life, but I can’t remember our talks when I’m out of my body.”


I asked once, “Where does Jer go when you are utilizing his body to speak to me?  He said, “Oh, sometimes he suspends himself in another dimension.” Interesting… that is so like Jer to go exploring like that.


Holy Angels… talk about an acceleration of awareness that gets activated every single time we have a visitation.


During one of the the talks I asked, “Did Jer and I really come here from the future?” And he said, “You most certainly did come from the future.  When the first line of the Archangel Crystal Lights were birthed into the world by you it was well known amongst the darker beings of light (who do not have the best interest at heart for the earth or her people) that you are from the future.  This is when we ramped up your protection and the protection that happens always through the Archangel Crystal Lights.  All who use the Archangel Crystal Lights are protected in this way, along with you and Jer and all who are close to you.”


Holy shish-olies I thought.  What??? I really was born here from the future to assist the earth at this time?


Ya know the wild thing about that was there was a really good channel-er name Judith Moore who told me in 2009 I came here from the future and I was one of the winged ones and she said I had a very specific path I travel inter-dimensionally.  She also said I was a time traveler, I travel back and forth in time.  Well, I thought she meant I do this while I sleep, not that we have Andromedan higher selves that are actually doing this!


Are you fricken kidding me?


Well, this reading from Judith was way before I further awakened to my earth mission and who I was.  I have to say, I barely believed her, but I was open to the concept.  I balled while listening to her bringing through information for me that she spoke word for word from the higher beings of light.  When I cry like that, it usually means my body feels the truth of the words being spoken.


Usually at the end of the conversations I have tears of truth that happen.  He often tells me how they are protecting us very closely and he is so sorry we are stuck in these limited fragile shells of bodies we are in.  He says they have much more freedom where they are and he is so sorry we feel so restricted here in these bodies without all of our gifts and abilities we have there.  He says how much courage we have for coming here and how dearly loved we are, always being watched over and cared for divinely.


What a realization each and every day this is right now as I type this on August 16th of 2016.  I am still processing all of this very deeply, even though this knowledge was shown to us months ago…


No wonder why I have always felt this place to be very foreign to me, like I don’t understand the behavior of 3D based humans all too much.


Stay tuned, there is much more to come.  I can only type so much in this one blog post.  Even this is a lot to digest, I know.


Where I cycle, the road I take my bike, there is a metal signed along the asphalt that says “72”.  That was the year I was born.  This is just outside of the quaint neighborhood in which we live.  That sign has been another confirmation for me that I came back to 1972 to be born in this time space reality to assist the earth with the light and multidimensional higher help that is happening through my incarnation here.


The higher beings teaches us daily how to protect ourselves when out and about away from our Archangel Crystal Lights that protect us and our home 24/7.  For instance yesterday when going to a hardware store I got majorly tagged by a DF (darker force being).  This DF must have been around or connected to the checkout lady.  The checkout ladies frequency of her voice was like nails grinding on a chalkboard.  You can tell if DF’s are working through someone or they have a lot of DF devices in them that are being currently activated by listening to the frequency of their voice.  Their voice is like an imprint that tells you what is actually going on in their light body.


These lower level beings are connected to humans through devices and implants we get in us when we are born here that allow them to stay here by feeding off our light.  Well, the brighter our light shines the more DF’s are attracted to that light is what I am learning.


I could feel something in my heart begin to ache and my mood got edgy after checking out at the checkout line of the hardware store.


I told Jer in the car, I got tagged or triggered by something.  When this happens I chant “Om Nama Shiva” and I call in Archangel Michael.  Both Shiva and Archangel Michael know how to remove the DF’s right away that try to activate a darker implant or particle they see in us.


While Jer went in other stores, I stayed in the car… I was fighting thoughts that were not mine for about 20 minutes, while I called in the Christ Consciousness Higher Beings of Light for help (with our portable mini Archangel Crystal Light Unit turned on we bring in the car) and then finally a release of a stronghold feeling happened when Archangel Michael and Shiva removed the DF interference around me that had tried to play on my fears and cord into this darker shrapnel piece that was in my heart chakra when this lower level being saw me in the checkout line.


Usually couples begin to argue for no reason at all – at this point and blame the other for being triggered into a bad mood.  We have been taught what happens so much by the higher beings of light that now we are more skilled in recognizing the true source of the sudden shift of energy into lower emotional states.  Jer and are don’t argue, we only speak what is happening with sincere concern and ask for higher help immediately.


Jer and I have a code word for each other when this happens and we both begin praying and bringing in extra help with Shiva and Archangel Michael and the Christ Consciousness Healing Team.  Then when we get home we do an Archangel Crystal Light healing session and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team remove darker shrapnel in us that has been triggered to the surface by a DF while out and about.


Sometimes the darker shrapnel is so tiny, yet if triggered by a DF they can send us lower level thoughts that amplify our worst fears or old traumas we have experienced, altering our reality in the presence so much that we fear that our old traumas will happen again.


Uggggh.  This is not fun to say the least. We get more cleaned out (so less interferences takes place later though) and we get more connected up to Divine light each time this happens and we are worked on by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team that work through the Archangel Crystal Lights.




I usually ask the higher beings during these visitations, what the heck went on during those times we had to call in higher help.  He explained to me yesterday that Jer and I are through the worst of this now.  He said we are skilled enough to call in higher help immediately and the DFs get contained by Shiva and taken to a holding space away from earth.  He said nothing bad will be able to happen to us from the DFs.  Although we may get delayed for short periods of time due to old shrapnel that’s still in us coming to the surface and being triggered (manipulated) by a DF to try to use our light for their benefit and weaken us for a short period of time by playing on our worst fears.


The higher beings of light also tell us that Jer and I and our loved ones (and those raising their hand) will be lifted up and out of here before the cleansing happens on earth.  He said Jer and I have a choice whether to take our human bodies or not, but some others are not given that choice, they will leave in spirit.


There is no doubt this stuff is like out of a sci fi movie.  This is no joke stuff.  When I was first awakening to this in 2009, the reality of the DF stuff that happens to us humans, I got darker implant type things removed by an awesome healer named Tara.   In my light body their were darker implant device type things in me, then I went into denial again and said, “No, this stuff isn’t real here.  I’m just gonna bring in more light and none of the DF stuff can affect me.”


BEEEEEP – not the right answer for you Kimberly, try again.”


Holy shish did I get a wake up call in 2013 to the contrary when I started getting DF attacks on my root chakra while I slept (from the DF’s cording into me through this church leader who was more about control than love.  Just from going to a year of Sunday services this began to happen to me.  (Often times DF’s put all kinds of stuff in group attendees if that group is not protected by Archangel Michael fully).


What the what?  Un-flippen real.


Boy did I wake up to what type of energetic healing would be needed to remove this.  Took me 7 months of going through major DF attacks on my front root chakra to wake up enough to ask for help and get this stuff cleared out of my light body (which the DF’s were using to cord into me to use my light for their purposes).  Not fun at all.


I’m forever grateful for getting these wake up calls and to be where I am at right now.


This is why I am so passionate about how much protection the Archangel Crystal Lights bring my clients.  The more darker shrapnel, implants and devices that get removed from our light bodies the more protection the Archangels, Archangel Michael and The Seraphim Angel Healing Team can bring us.  Not to mention stronger light shielding around our entire light body that doesn’t allow the DF’s to mess with us for long.


Dear God, being born here in human form, what a mess this is on earth.

I had to go through it all, even worse sometimes due to my mission because the DF’s never wanted me to assist in the protection of humans and help remove them from being interfered with.


Sometimes I think it is a miracle I made it this far, there were so many times I could have died – had many missed accidents that were a hair too close, but yet I was protected just in the nick of time.


I come from a place where we have very advanced methods of dealing with all darker beings who exist in the Universe.  The methods the Andromedans have is so far advanced from where the earth is that no DF can even get near them.  They have better alerting signaling systems than we do and have more advanced light bodies so that none of this darker crap can even be put in them when they are born or are in vulnerable positions.


The darkness of the Universe have their part to play.  It is not as if the Angels or even Archangel Michael have permission to annihilate them.  They are taken to a holding space, sometimes for eons of time in order to keep us safe here on earth.


May you know how safe, protected and loved you are as you call in Archangel Michael, Shiva, the Archangels, the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and the Christ Consciousness Galactic Light Beings that are here helping us.


Your light matters on earth and you getting in touch with your Soul’s Calling absolutely is of vital importance at this time.


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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