You Are Divine


“You reside in our hearts as we watch over you, unwavering in our tender love for you.

You have come so far on your journey.  Nothing will remain the same from this point forward.  You are about to embark upon a new journey now.  An Angelic journey of love, hope, connection, peace much insight.  What seems like it has taken eons of time, you are learning in this one lifetime.

There has never been a better time than now to begin anew.  Your love transcends this world.

Allow our light stream of peace to fill your heart now.  This peace stream of Angelic love is here to stay for you.

The hope, love, forgiveness and tenderness many are longing for, we bring to you in this moment in time.  What connects you up again is yours forever.

Peace is forever in your hands now.

Your journey is our journey.  What helps you fly higher is what we are assisting you with.

We fill you up with Divine strength now.  The love you are feeling is where you come from.  To be at the center of this love is to free yourself.

All that you seek is waiting for you.

Through the twists and turns of your life we find you as you call our name.  There is never a moment you need to be lonely, for we are here, in thought, form and Divine consciousness.

We applaud you for the time you have spent in search of healing, hope and connection… never giving up all the way.  You always had a string of hope, which kept the door open to us so that we could step in and bring you blessings when you needed them the most.

More miracles and resolutions are on there way for you.  What you seek is already complete in our eyes.

Through your ears we play Angelic songs of home for you.

You are home now, for what you seek has found you.

When you feel out of balance, return to read what else we have written for you.  The streams of love and healing will be amplified and ignited as soon as you begin to read or listen to our words to you.

We will help you remember the Love the Divine holds for you.

There is much more to come, which will ignite your deep remembrance of the love of you.

We love you infinitely and forever, Namaste’.

The Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangel Michael”


Golden Nuggets

  • Ask yourself, “What do you really, really want?”  Then ask the Angels to heal all within you that stands in the way of what you most want.
  • Set aside time for you and ask yourself, “What would help me feel more healing energy this week?  What will help me get in the flow of Divine Love this week?”
  • When in doubt, rest it out.
  • Whenever you are scared, ask Archangel Michael for his strong protection around you.
  • When the energy around you feels heavy or not right, ask Archangel Michael to remove all dark energy around you.  Asking this as many times as needed throughout the day or week is better than suffering from DF interference’s.
  • Take time for you because these shells we are living in are fragile in many ways.
  • Spending time with Mother Nature resets the circadian rhythm of the body since these bodies are so closely tied to the rhythms of Mother Earth, we need her to help balance our bodies.  We are of the salt of the earth.  Laying your head on the the earth balances the brain in many ways, bringing clear thinking and a calm nervous system.
  • Appreciate how very much you have already accomplished your entire life… it’s more than you think.



I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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