Live Authentic – Speaking Up for Yourself

Speaking our inner most truth sometimes isn’t the easiest thing.  A lot of times I can see the other person’s point of view and their reality so speaking up for myself when I feel I have been taken advantage of or not heard is sometimes difficult because I can see how the other person may not view it that way.  Us empaths can more easily get a sense of the other person’s framework in this regard.  That said, recently I needed to speak up for myself with regard to a horrible chiropractic adjustment I just received from a temporary chiropractor that was just filling in.  This is not always fun for me to do, actually I dread it, but I did it after the fact when my lower back where L-5 disk has been surgically removed in 2009 and is sore from this unskilled chiropractic adjustment I just received on Friday.  I’m okay, thank goodness it is healing, but such a bummer when we receive not-so-good treatment when we absolutely know we need the best care with regard to certain specialists we seek out.


  • Share my Archangel Crystal Light healing session experiences on this blog so that what goes on energetically inside our light bodies (auric field) which cause us pain can be more understood on a conscious level.


Various emotions and feelings of pain I felt before my Archangel Crystal Light healing session today

  • Not wanting to hurt the other person’s feelings
  • A bit tired
  • Frustrated that I feel sorrowful for not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings when my body was the one who actually got adjusted jammped up from this not so naturally talented, not skilled yet chiropractor
  • Remorseful I did not speak up as soon as I he adjusted my neck in a “I don’t know what I’m doing” sort of way… when I could tell he was unskilled in that moment (should have just gotten up and left at that point)
  • Like I betrayed my own body for not speaking up in the moment with the truth of how I felt


What healing took place inside my light body by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team today

  • The Seraphim Angel Healing Team removed old memory imprints along with dark force (DF) shrapnel (dark particles) of betrayal and not being protected by family in this lifetime and others from within the base of the brain area through the nostrils.
  • Fear programming and an old implant removed from the root chakra area.
  • Cords were cut and contracts were ended energetically with this chiropractor and all who work in the office across all time and space so that the vulnerabilities are cleared up that were allowing DF access to me for control reasons from the dark (hurt feelings usually are triggered by lower level energies at play within our energy bodies as a way for them to gain access to us and stay alive, feed off of our light).
  • Old darker very small device removed from throat chakra where DF’s utilized this device in past times to suppress me from speaking my truth (sometimes I did speak my truth in past lives and was killed for it, like many of us were.  This was utilized against us to get us to suppress the truth even further, which only perpetuated the the darker energies to do more control and manipulation on the people and the planet).
  • Lumbar spinal area decompressed and aligned energetically so that the pain of the misaligned adjustments straightens out.
  • Stress circuits in the brain cleared.
  • Bliss circuits in the brain ignited and activated.
  • 3rd eye cleared of any darker particles and aligned to Divine truth completely  so I can see the truth more easily (so that no fooling myself can happen any longer for the sake of “others or the DFs”)
  • DF disc shaped device removed from stomach area from past lives where I was guilt-ed into doing what was not for my highest and best good
  • Old thought forms were removed of not feeling good enough or worthy enough due all the dark particles and implants that get activated in my from the darker energies on earth still trying their old tricks to take down the light just enough so they can utilize it for their benefit
  • Remorse and regret old infastructures removed from heart chakra area
  • DF interferences were cleared across all multi-dimensional reality, across all time and space in this now moment
  • Fully connected up again to my Divine self, held safe in God’s light of love.


What I was shown and learned during my Archangel Crystal Light session from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team

  • Is it challenging for me to see all of this during sessions sometimes? Yes. However, I know it is important for me to be shown what goes on behind the veil of illusions that are here in order to assist humanity with waking up to their true Divine power, their God Light from within.
  • We don’t have to do this life alone.  We are never along.  Higher beings of light, the Archangels and the Divine is here for us always.  Asking for more assistance with knowing what is best for us in each moment is key.
  • We can develop a quick way to know whether something is best for us with our guides and Angels.  My Angels touch the right side of my nose if I need to get the hell out of a situation.  (I got that touch on the nose before my lower back was adjusted and I did not heed the warning.  Next time I will).
  • The Seraphim Angel Healing Team showed me how my son is waking up more and more from the seeds of example I was able to authentically live when he was younger and in high school.  I taught him how to listen to his inner truth and be guided by that vs. what other people thought he would be doing.  My sold told me on the phone yesterday how much me living my truth from the inside out, those seeds I planted are now growing for him.  He thanked me for this and said he grew up with an incredible inner opportunities to make strides later that he doesn’t see his peers being able to access very easily.


My golden nugget take-aways

  • Pay attention – mini wake-up calls are happening to all of us right now to get us to wake the heck up in time so that we are free enough to see and know the full truth of what is really going on here and what we personally can do to free ourselves up more.
  • Waking up out of the fog is vitally important during the next 8 years and beyond.
  • Standing up for self = us freeing ourselves up out of the darker illusions people are living in.
  • Other people’s distorted thinking does not have to hurt us or impeded upon the truth of what we know to be best for ourselves in each moment.
  • To be free = speaking up for yourself in the moment even though others may not want us to.
  • You are worthy of freeing yourself from other people’s illusions of how things work.
  • How things work in their world does not mean we need to enable the “icky stuff” into our body, mind or spirit.
  • Saying no often times = aligned empowerment.


Feelings after my Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions today

  • Happy to be awakening more each day to the energetic reality of what really goes on here on earth and why there is so many greed and power struggles happening
  • Joyful I am living my authentic self more and more each day and get to share it with you
  • Freed up energetically as more dark stuff got removed from my energy system
  • Cleared headed
  • Enthusiastically focused
  • Full of love in my heart for those I love, you reading this and all of humanity


Message from Archangel Michael regarding what occurred during today’s Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session:

“You are worthy of Divine Love daily without question.  To get love in all the wrong places for the appeasement of other’s egos is not helpful to anyone under no circumstances.  When you stand up for what you know is for yourself highest and best good, this benefits others in a number of ways.  They are then able to see what areas they would benefit growing in.  Your heart knows how to speak your truth and live authentically.  Your mind sometimes forgets.  Allowing love into your heart through prayer, meditation, spending time in nature and writing your desires down on paper helps you to unwind the minds over analyzing nature.  Your joy comes from being true to you.  What feels wholesomely good, is good for you.  What feels off kilter usually is off center from truth and may be just to the left of it.  Your truth resides in your heart through love.  You are the love that you seek.  Allow the love that is you to shine through.  Be all that which you are because you are enough.  We congratulate you for learning so rapidly.  We love you through eternity and all of time.”

I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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