PMS Relief

PMS symptoms can feel like one of the most debilitating thing ever sometimes.  Not fun.  From bloating, to foggy thinking, to headaches… not to mention mood swings.  Oh boy, why oh why do we go through this as women?  Not all women do.  In my earlier days I feel like I over depleted myself mentally, physically and emotionally and am now paying the price of that through monthly PMS symptoms.  This month is better, but still feeling the effects of it this PMS week.


  • Share my Archangel Crystal Light healing session experiences on this blog so that what goes on energetically inside our light bodies (auric field) which cause us pain can be more understood on a conscious level.



Various emotions and feelings of pain I felt before my Archangel Crystal Light healing session today

  • Head-achy
  • Muscle tension
  • Raw emotions surfacing
  • Irritable at times
  • Unresolved emotions coming to the surface for resolution
  • Tiny bit of lower back pain
  • Fatigue
  • Hyper aware and alert to subtle energies
  • Painful memories from the past coming up around how my father was not emotionally available and always working



What healing took place inside my light body by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team today

  • 3 darker sadness disc looking things removed from the top of my stomach area from deep sadness I had as a little girl where my Dad was not mentally or emotionally there for me
  • Sanskaras (energetic scars in the auric field) removed from my heart area that had surfaced regarding feeling disregarded as a child
  • Second chakra cleared of the memory imprint of being emotionally neglected
  • Third eye cleared and aligned with the truth of why I came here and chose the parents I did
  • Emotional body cleared and balanced with calming and soothing frequencies of light from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team
  • So much more healing took place than this as I drifted off to sleep different parts of my session.  I could feel how diligently, with a calm focus the healing team was working on me peacefully throughout.



What I was shown and learned during my Archangel Crystal Light session from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team

  • PMS or uterus issues can stem from our naturally creativity not nurtured as a child by our caregivers, which continues into adulthood if we neglect to listen to what our creative self would like for us to explore and be playful with.
  • I chose my parents who both had some addiction issues and who both were not emotionally available in order to break away from my family of origin early on and be empowered by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and all my guides to completely my mission here on earth.  It was all pre-planned really.  I asked the healing team today, “Was I crazy to plan it that way?”  They said, “No, you knew you could not have the comfort early on or else you would be too comfortable to reach for your higher self and us in order to find and know what your soul’s calling was.”
  • They chose me I chose the hardships early on in order to find my way back home so-to-speak.  To not feel I had much family support most of my life caused me to begin seeing and channeling the Angels when I was pregnant with my son at age 20 and even earlier.  My opening to the higher realms began then and was not ever going to close back down again.  I trusted the Angels more than I did my friends or family members, because I knew they could see a better and better path for me if I could only learn to reach them more.
  • My creation of the Archangels Crystal Lights was my completion of my very own, “ET phone home” connection.  ET was my favorite movie as a child and now I realize why it was.  I was always going to have enough challenging painful times in my life happen in order to get me to find a way to phone home.  
  • As the Archangel Crystal Lights were completed this year my ability to hear, see, feel and sense the Seraphim Angel Healing Team increased tremendously.  The same happened with my twin flame, he can see and hear them big time as well without the interferences that would happen before we had the Archangel Crystal Lights running all the time.
  • Now with the Archangel Crystal Lights running in our home 24/7 daily we unfold more and more of our soul’s mission and have communication with our higher selves, who are both benevolent Andromeda beings of light who are actually in the future at the same time of us being here in human form in this time space reality on earth.  We came here to assist the earth and her people with the earth changes we are undergoing now and create an etheric, higher realm, airport runway pad or a pathway for others to reach their higher selves and Angels much more effortlessly.
  • Our Seraphim Angel selves who’s home is at the base of the throne of God watch over us and assist our earth mission each and every day.  I’ve seen my twin flame’s Angel self and his Andromedan self in my inner visions while receiving an Archangel Crystal Light bath and he has seen and communicated with my Angel self and Andromeda self.
  • A deep cleansing is happening right now with humanity and all people, so much so that sometimes I feel this in my uterus as well, as my light is connected to Mother Earth very strongly.



My golden nugget take-aways

  • To release old emotions that come to the surface assist Mother Earth the the clearing and healing she is needing more of at this time.
  • To try to “fix” other people’s addictions or messes they create out of them feeling a lack of love in their lives is sometimes not always the answer.
  • In healing thyself, the healing of others can then happen with ease and grace by your example.
  • Asking for help with releasing sadness from your past helps the Angels help you more.
  • Finding the speckle of hope when going through our darkest days is key.  One crack in the door is enough to allow the Angels to bring us the most magical healing miracles of our lifetime.
  • Surrendering our will to our soul’s will for us, God’s will for our life assists us in seeing the truth of why we came here and what steps we are to take each and everyday.



Feelings after my Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session today

  • Relief that I do not have to carry other people’s pain or burdens for them, for I cannot anyway, it is impossible.
  • Happy to have been given some really cool and unique solutions for something that had been burdening ever since my move from NM.
  • A peaceful sense that all is unfolding just as it was designed to.
  • So much love surrounds me today.
  • Deep healing has happened within me this PMS week from my past.  It’s like being bathed in the most brilliant blue light of love from the clearest tropical waterfall one can walk under.
  • A sense of the waters of life flowing through me like never before.



Message from Archangel Michael regarding today’s Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session:

“You have come here to embody the rivers of joy through and through.  In order to do this it was of utmost importance the pain be washed clean.  Your energy can flow smoother now throughout your energy system, lungs, heart, through your veins and out your feet.  As you allow the love the Divine has for you to flow through your body through your breathe and your heartbeat you assist Mother Earth herself with her releasing process she is undergoing herself.  We thank you for this, for it is true nothing you have done has been in vein.  Your light matters upon the earth.  Go forth and let your light shine.  Be all of yourself in the glory that is you.  We are with you and love you always and forever.  Namaste'”


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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