Feeling Misunderstood

Earlier this week I was feeling misunderstood with some challenges I was facing with decisions I was sifting through.  I grew up feeling misunderstood, so this emotion is nothing knew to me.  I asked for deep healing around this issue and little did I know over the next 3 days how much healing I’d receive from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.


  • Share my Archangel Crystal Light healing session experiences on this blog so that what goes on energetically inside our light bodies (auric field) which cause us pain can be more understood on a conscious level.


Various emotions and feelings of pain I felt before my Archangel Crystal Light healing sessions the past 3 days

  • Heart felt burdened
  • Like I was carrying the weight of the world upon my shoulders
  • In doubt
  • Not fully confident with moving a project close to my heart forward


What healing took place inside my light body by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team over the past 3 days

  • A completely new perspective was given to me about how I am only helping here on earth, that people are responsible for their own lives and I don’t need to carry the weight of others, ever.
  • More old trauma grids were removed in my back heart chakra of past times of feeling defeated with not being able to help others in past life’s with their pain.
  • Old patterns of struggle that were imprinted in my crown chakra, heart chakra and 3rd eye were lifted up and out.
  • New light codes that contain within them “song’s of healing” were brought into my chakras so that they remember they come from the Divine’s Love directly.
  • A small darker implant (not of the light) was removed from my solar plexus that came to the surface for release I had from childhood that had programming in it that said, “I can’t have what I want”.  This caused a lot of pain in my life throughout the years.  This was amplified and activated when my brother would taunt me as a little girl causing me to feel very abandoned.
  • Light codes of truth were brought into my emotional body so that old emotions that come up from the past can no longer get in the way of me seeing the truth of my life’s purpose and the best next step actions to take in each moment.


What I was shown and learned during my Archangel Crystal Light session from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team

  • A remembrance happened within me and a reminder took place of how even the tiniest acts of love from my heart make a huge impact energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically upon the world and within people’s hearts.
  • I received a deep reminder that when I focus upon that which makes my heart sing with joy, love and peace, that’s how I make the most difference here on earth with my mission and my life.
  • I did not come to earth out of duty to serve or help the planet, but out of a profound love to bring very specific frequencies to the planet from the divine gifts I have been graciously given.
  • I was shown that I am like an airline runway here on earth, I am able to show others where the runway is, but it is their choice whether to take the flight home or not.
  • New thought waves were sent to me from my higher self that hold within them empowerment light codes designed to bring me deep peace with the truth of who I really am at the forefront.


My golden nugget take-aways

  • We can’t carry others, they must choose to be responsible for their own lives.
  • By focusing on what makes our heart happy we are better able to bubble over with love that spreads to the world.
  • When a pattern arises we cannot seem to breakthrough or release, ask for help and assistance will arrive from all the Angels higher beings of light that guide you.
  • Be gentle on yourself, when you have patience with all you’d like to see in your life you allow for your higher self to assist you with all the changes necessary to get you there.
  • Sometimes slower changes can be better overall so that we have a smoother flight vs. a bumpy, tumultuous one.
  • Other’s cannot give us the answers we seek, usually (not even our Angels or Guides).  The answer we seek are within and can be found within our heart and how our bodies feel when we are thinking about what choices to make.
  • When we are not trusting ourselves, we can ask our higher selves and Angels for assistance, but they cannot give us direct answers sometimes as to what is the best road for us to take since we are the ones that need to live within this 3D world and body.
  • Our Angels and the healing team and tune our body inner guidance system to be very receptive as to what direction is best for us, but it is ultimately ourselves that needs to make that choice.
  • As we practice using our inner guidance with our intuitive communication with the Angels, combined with feeling, sensing and seeing what our physical bodies can actually handle or feels good about in this 3D world, we become stronger with our inner knowingness of what is actually best for ourselves (which may not be the same choices our neighbor, friend or family member may be guided to take).
  • Being okay with being different is key.  To embody the love that your higher self has for you brings lasting forgiveness of self and others and creates a love frequency ripple effect that reaches all across the earth.


Feelings after my Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions (from the past 3 days)

  • Delicious and wonderful sleep.
  • Profound love emanating from my heart chakra.
  • Alignment within my heart, to the center of mother earth and back with peace at the core.
  • Celebration and a sense of sweet freedom inside of my heart now.
  • Ahhhh… peace is ever lasting.


Message from Archangel Michael regarding today’s Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session:

“You are given the insights to know which way to turn, what direction to head towards.  Sometimes your higher self cannot always know what will work best for you until you take a few steps, headed towards the path you have been guided towards.  If at anytime that pathway is feeling too treacherous it is always best advised to take a pause, a respite for healing and ask for more clarity around the decisions you have made or are about to make. One way you can tell if you are going in the proper direction for you is to visualize and feel yourself 5 months down the road, having made that choice.  Are you stronger and more empowered from having taken those steps?  Or are you weakened with a sense of derailment? If it is the latter, than it is time to a new game plane from your higher self to reroute.  You are worthy of taking this time for yourself each and every day.  The simple act of checking in with your higher self and Angels will allow enough time for reflection to get a clearer sense about what trail would bring your heart the most freedom-happiness you can imagine for yourself.  Be that which you came here to be.  You are strong enough.  We thank you for your courage to show up everyday, willing to see a new way.”


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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