Back Pain Remedy at Home

I’ve been on an accelerated creative expansion journey these past 3 years.  One thing I know for sure is that your creations DO matter (no matter how insignificant you think they are).  May you keep creating with bliss and ease.

With so much inspiration flooding my brain and system… working hours on end with new inspired ideas, I sometimes wear myself out with working at my desk.  So wonderful the healing session I had today with the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.  Feeling relieved, peaceful and so serene…

What I’m about to share is what happened when I received an Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session from home today.



  • Share my Archangel Crystal Light healing session experiences on this blog so that what goes on energetically inside our light bodies (auric field) which cause us pain can be more understood on a conscious level.


Emotions and feelings of pain I felt before my Archangel Crystal Light healing session today

  • Upper back tight and achy today (from spending too many hours at my desk working)
  • A bit sleepy & groggy
  • Anxious feeling
  • Brain feels tired and overworked
  • Upper back muscle inflammation (with some pain going up into neck and base head area)


What healing took place inside my light body by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team today

  • The Seraphim Angel Healing Team removed pain grids in my upper back, neck and head area.
  • Healing frequencies were directly sent into my pain receptors and inflammation area to reduce the throbbing feeling almost immediately.
  • A pain encapsulated looking round device type thing was removed from my upper back that was connected to a program in my crown chakra I had that was related to “taking care of others first”.
  • The “take care of others first” program I received from my Grandmother early on in my childhood.  It was seeded back then and recently had been activated.  It was removed by the healing team and was smaller than a dime.  Looked like a silver sliver.  The healing team said, “It’s was time for this one to go”.
  • Cords were cut from this silver implant type thing, my grandmother and my past so that this silver implant could completely be deactivated and lifted up and out on a multidimensional level.  The Seraphim Angel Healing team then placed this silver implant in a glass type jar to further dissect so that others who have similar type implants can be assisted with ease and grace.


What I was shown and learned during my Archangel Crystal Light session from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team

  • Seeded implants happen in our energy bodies when we were younger and had little protection energetically and some we come in with from other lives when we were born.
  • Lack of abundance programming is often old devices or implants coming to the surface for release.
  • Back pain can be caused energetically from these old implants being activated that trigger pain throughout our body and often in the back of the head or the back itself when it relates to the past or us carrying the pain of our family lineage from their past.
  • As these old implants or devices are removed the pain usually subsides and we feel much more happy and free.
  • The joy we can embody for longer periods of time directly have to do with these activated implants and devices being lifted up by a higher Angelic or Galactic light team who knows how to heal the light body with all of it’s intricate layers and multidimensional levels that we exist in.
  • Resistances with moving forward often have to do with these implants and devices being activated by an event in our now moment that triggers a past pain or trauma.
  • When inner resistances come up that manifest as back pain, this may be a sign we may be carrying around pain from our past in the form of energetic chords and ties to our past (which can also be connected to an activated device or implant in our light bodies in this time space reality).
  • Forgiveness of self and others happens easier as these old implants and devices get removed from our energy system.
  • These old implants and devices often contain within them replay type programs that have the voices of our ancestors replaying like broken records – when activated they replay the programs from our ancestors painful past causing us to recreate the same so-called mistakes they made.
  • I need to change my desk sitting position or chair so that I’m sitting ergonomically correct.  This will help my trapezius muscles not get so tight.
  • The most incredible sparkling healing light was brought into my back, neck and head area that continues to soothe me.  The blissful healing light the healing team brought into my system is peaceful beyond belief.  My muscles continue to relax with this comforting healing, most peaceful light I am feeling now.  Ahhhh.


My golden nugget take-aways

  • If the same old pain is coming up again and again it’s important we forgive ourselves because often these emotions are tied to old devices and implants that need to be removed from our light body.
  • By embodying our truest light body selves, healing can happen with grace and ease as old programmed implant shrapnel is removed from our light body that have been activated and are ready for release.
  • Pure divine pleasure happens naturally as these old implants and devices are lifted up and out, because they are not us.  (When we were born to this earth we were born to sort of a war zone energetically where there are destructive energetic land mines everywhere.  When we step into our family lineages doo doo, so-to-speak by being born to them, we get energetic darker shrapnel pieces of inherited programs that are not for our highest and best good.  Most all earth humans have them.  This is also why addictions are inherited and past down in families).
  • True freedom can be embodied as we allow a higher light team to remove these darker seeded type implants out of our energy system.
  • Archangel Michael can be called upon anytime for protection from newly seeded implants or device type things being put in us.  Ask for protection from Archangel Michael brings it from any new darker seeds being placed in our body system.  This is Archangel Michael’s specialty, one of them.


Feelings after my Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session today

  • Blissful peace like heaven on earth exists within me
  • Back pain reduced significantly
  • Centered
  • Relaxed
  • Very forgiving of myself and others
  • Completely on track in my life right now
  • Happy to be alive
  • Soothed, very comforted
  • Deeply refreshed


Message from Archangel Michael regarding today’s Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session:

“The past no longer exists, however the joy and the pain may reside within each of you from your family lineage by the way of seeded programming.  When these painful seeds are activated often times the pain your family lineage also had is made activated within your systems.  You have come here to clear the past pain of your family lineage by embodying a new way of being for yourself.  You are a light warrior, yes?  You have crossed the thresholds of heaven to get here.  When the pain becomes unbearable call upon me and my warrior angels to cut cordings from past ancestral pain.  In doing so more healing will be sent to you and through you.  You embodying the truth of who you are and where you came from will set you free.  You are here for a reason.  To clear the painful past is one of those reasons.  Ask and ye shall receive… and so shall it be.  May the light of my sword be with you today and forevermore.”


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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