Angelic Assistance with Archangel Michael – People Pleasing [Activation Video]




Message from Archangel Jeremiel: “We smooth out your feathers today from anything that has ruffled them recently. Sometimes the antagonists are our greatest teachers. The intuitive wisdom that you hold inside all of your being is the wisdom you have been seeking on earth for ages. What frees you the most is knowing you have it all from within. All the abundance, good health, love, joy, peace and prosperity can first be found inside the core essence of you. Even if all has been lost, that Divine core essence can still be found. The fiber of your being is of goodness. Your Divine nature is a never ending pulse of goodness, grace, love and abundance. We send you waves of harmonizing energy today and tonight while you sleep. What floods you with love for an eternity is what we gift you with through God’s Grace. You are worthy of this and more. And so it is.”


Message from Archangel Gabriel: “Deep longing is a good sign. Your desires reveal to you that which your soul is trying to get you in touch with. Sometimes these voids are filled with substitutes that do not match the frequency of what you are actually craving. We stream light beams of love frequencies to you today to fill these empty areas up with the Divine Light your soul has been calling you to do. Allow the worry, sorrow and feelings of lack of love be filled up with golden and violet beams of Source Light. Now is the time to refuse any substitutes. For what you are truly craving is the Divine Essence of who you are returned back to the center of you in whole form.”sing to your heart be the ones that propel you forward. Trust yourself. Be the love that you are and joyously let in all the goodness that is here for you now.”


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May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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