Chakra Healing – Messages from Archangel Michael

What happens during the Monday Night Stay Motivated Archangel Crystal Light Healings for the chakras?


Archangel Michael: “No two chakra healings are alike.  As the healing team begins their work they send into each chakra precise specific frequencies to bring to the surface old grid systems that are no longer needed inside that person’s light body.  The healing team notes where all the old grid systems are in the light body that have come to the surface to be removed (lifted up and out).

What causes people pain most often are these old grid systems that have remained in the light body.  Many of them hold illness and sickness and emit those illness frequencies or signals into the body systems.  Sharp or acute pain are often caused by diseased grid systems remaining in one’s energy bodies long enough for that associated organ to begin to malfunction or not function optimally.  As the organ stop functioning optimally other organs or body systems are effected.  Where disease sets in the healing team usually finds several if not more of these diseased grid systems layered upon the other.

The healing team uses precise measurements to know exactly how many old grid systems can be lifted up and hour during the one hour Archangel Crystal Light healing session.  The healing team consists of light body specialists in ethereal form who have advanced healing technologies.  These light body specialists understand the workings and mechanics of the human energy system and how it functions optimally as a cohesive whole.

The advanced light team that comes through the Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light healing sessions are overseen by all of the Archangels including myself to ensure a safe and protected environment as the chakra healings are performed with precision.


Many are reporting back that they are feeling even more powerful and stronger energy current during the Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light Healings.  Why is the healing current even stronger during these Monday evening Crystal Light healings Archangel Michael?


Archangel Michael: “Where more than one gather in my name stronger healing will occur.  There is a team of light body healing specialists that come through for the Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light healings.  In order to perform their work with precision more healing Divine light is brought in by all of the Archangel to support the healing team to perform their light body specialist work.  The amount of Divine healing current we bring in assists the light body specialists with performing their energy body surgeries with even greater ability to complete more energy work at one time for each person since the Divine healing light current has been exponentially amplified.

This extended Divine light we bring in during the Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light healings also helps each individual receive the deep healings more smoothly by the light team.  One may feel as if they are going on a “journey” to a far way place.  This allows the light body specialist healing team to perform very specific healings for each individual attending.  No two healings are the same.  Each healing has been customized for the individual attending that is very specific to that person’s needs.  The healings feel very tranquil because we bring in frequencies that assist all who attend with feelings of tranquility at the core of their being.  Often most feel blissed out during these sessions and we are quite pleased to see this occurring.


Thank you Archangel Michael so very much!  I appreciate your detailed description on Chakra Healing and how it is performed within the scope of the Monday Night Stay Motivated Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healings.


Archangel Michael: “Indeed it is our pleasure to be of service in this way.  Each person that attends also receives a chakra clearing and light body clearing that raises their auric field their light body several octives higher.  All who attend receive special guidance from all of the Archangels and an over-lighting from us that helps them not only stay motivated but receive daily guidance so that the choices they are presented with making become very clearly aligned to their highest Soul’s Calling and Destiny Path they can live.  It is of great honor you are reading this and we are with you as you do.  May you know how deeply you are loved, cherished and looked after in every way by us.  And so it is.”


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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