Not sure if this is going into my next book, into a video, an audio or all of the above, but the healing team that work through the Archangels wanted me to channel something tonight and here it is… Woah, I have simplified what I do, but obviously they wanted me to type about the intricacies of what THEY do!

“We are bringing this transmission through Kimberly this evening as an unexpected gift.  
We asked her to type it because we wanted to bring in a more accurate description of the detail and intricacy in which we work on every single one of her clients as she turns on the crystal lights and places their name or photo under the lights with them receiving the healing from their location while meditating.
What is difficult to understand because it cannot be seen with the physical eye, only the 3rd eye from the spiritual mind is that a healing platform or bridge, if you will, has been created so that “light body specialists” from the other side, who are reaching you through an inter dimensional doorway via a protected space are helping to repair and restore the body’s natural restorative wisdom with advanced light techniques.  
It is no small task to come through and assist in the healing process of the human body like this, yet because of the light grid work that has been done in another time and place and with permission of a person’s soul, God and the Angelic Counsels of light the healing can be done with precision.
The energetic pain grids in the body that contribute to pain create a build-up or a layer on the outside of the auric field like scar tissue.  Often when we work on the energy bodies we remove this scar tissue energetically in order for more healing frequencies of light and geometric codes of light that repair actual tissue to reach the actual injury inside the body.  
When these layers build up because they have never been energetically removed, such as around the heart area, then heart pain occurs.  The heart cannot draw in enough prana or life force energy into the system to essentially heal itself through revitalizing its own molecules.
The heart is an especially sensitive area.  When one’s heart has too much hardening of the arteries and then surgery is performed on the physical heart, this helps tremendously, yet often times the hardened arteries return causing the heart to work harder than normal to do its job.  The energetic scar tissue also needs to be removed in layers.  
We cannot remove too many layers at once due to needing to shield the auric field from tearing and allowing time to heal in between treatments.
Depending on how severe someone’s health issues are and the layers of scar tissue build up grids that are in the auric field the issue may need a 2, 3 or 4 fold application of healing.  
The first being energetic healing such as the kind we perform (focused precision light body surgery from the other side), the second being any herbal medicinal needs addressed buy a qualified herbalist, third the dietary changes that can be made to assist the body with helping itself heal and fourth being any western medical care needed to treat any acute or chronic conditions in the body.  
To address healing from a 4 fold initiative or a multi-platform approach helps the body’s natural rejuvenation system and often times reverse the aging process all together.
What helps the body begin the process of healing itself is by simply reducing the amount of toxic overload the body already has.  Eating more organic foods, super foods, herbal formulas that are right for you and doing light cleanses helps the body to release all the toxic overload it is carrying.  
What we see all too often is a sort of dumping of waste products inside the tissues and the cells of the body.  
It is likened to if you thought you were dumping your kitchen trash waste into the local landfill but turning to look outside your kitchen window and realizing all the waste has never left, it is still inside your backyard overflowing onto the sides of the house and back in through the doors.  
The body wants to purify itself.  The body wants to heal the toxic overload that happens.  
Once you assist the body in the ways for mentioned the body’s toxic stress levels begin reducing.  
What has life in it brings your body to life more.  
What has very little life force energy in it such as boxed or canned goods ends up deadening and polluting the body systems, organs, heart and lymph nodes.  
The world has solved some of its hunger and famine problems with packaged and processed foods, but not without a very high price.  
There is also electrical circuitry or channels of energy that run all throughout your light body.  
There are millions and millions of them.  If we gave you a glow light that allowed you to see them you would see that some of your circuitry areas are not firing correctly.  
There are circuitry issues happening in many people’s electrical currents that run through their bodies.  
This is why sometimes there are areas of the body that become numb or where numbing sensations happen.  
In these areas the electric circuitry needs to be repaired.  
This also cannot happen on one go around with only one Archangel Crystal Light Session as it may take quite a few.  Kimberly’s right calf and S-1 nerve running through her right leg had light circuitry issues after having her L-5 disk removed during back surgery.  
This has been repaired by us.  Sometimes it takes several sessions in a row to fire up again the electrical circuits in any given area to keep them going.  
Like retraining a muscle, it takes working out the muscle to build it up again.  
Muscle training is likened to the electrical circuitry work that we do.
We have very specific electrical circuit repair specialists who come in during an Archangel Crystal Light Energy Healing Session that repair and revitalize the electrical circuitry in the body.  
What causes the electrical circuits to weaken can be any number of things such as the quality of food one eats, traumas that have happened in that person’s life, x-rays and cat scans can also effect the electrical current pathways inside the body, thus causing them to misfire or deaden.  
How many shocks or life scares that person has had and also not being grounded and connecting one’s feet to Mother Earth’s natural grounding loving healing energy.  
By discharging one’s positive (or static charge or build up) inside the body and refilling with Mother Earth’s fuel, negative ions and a negative healing charge enter the feet and go all the way up to the brain, which enhances brain functions with improved memory and better focus.
We’d like to conclude this transmission through Kimberly by saying sleep disturbances and sleep patterns can also be improved from receiving the Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions.  
We could go on for hours and months even with dissertations of the precision of light body, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body repairs that our team of specialists do for Kimberly’s clients. 

This work is protected and sanctioned through Kimberly because she has agreed on a soul level to be a bridge for us and our team of specialists.  


We thank you for taking the time to read or listen to this transmission.  


To bring more fortification of healing to you is our honor and a great privilege.  


Forever at your service.  





Message from Archangel Uriel: 

“What reveals itself to you in plain view (that which is obviously trying to get your attention) is our way of stopping you in your tracks to get your attention sometimes. The tender arms of Divine Mother reach out to you today to help you know that the struggle no longer needs to be so. Where there is pain, there is healing waiting to wrap you in wings of love. Where there is neglect of self, lack of love from within, there is liquid golden love to refill the dark voids. Where there is anger at self there are sweet honeysuckle flowers waiting for you to bathe in the sunlight with them. Let us gift you with the absolute Divine Love frequencies you are most needing to counterbalance the ill effects of any self rejection, disappointment and regret that may be buried deep inside. Name your feelings and we will anoint you with the antidote healing balms of divinity you most need right now. It is in the asking that you shall receive.” .


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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