Ever had one of those divinely connected moments where there was no time… only Love?


I have them often with the Archangels…


This article was published in the May 2015 issues of Sedona Journal of Emergence

Sedona Journal of Emergence May Issue



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Here’s a Q&A with Archangel Michael that will help with YOUR Divine Connection


Archangel Michael is breathtakingly beautiful in his presence.  You’ll feel his presence as you read his words.  When he enters the room it compels me to take a deep breath.



Archangel Michael, would you please come forward and answer the following questions for us regarding the new remote energy healing method that you have been showing me?


Archangel Michael:

Of course, my beloved.


It is an honor that you have called upon me at this precise moment in time.



Thank you.


How does the new remote healing actually work that I have been shown (and experienced) by you and the other Archangels?  Would you be able to describe it?


Archangel Michael:

Yes. The light coming into this time space reality is increasing exponentially each day, as the new souls are being born on earth.  (And have been born for numerous years now.)


These higher vibrational beings carry a tremendous amount of light from the Divine, and that has raised humanity’s light quotient.


There are light bridges being created every moment by us, the Archangels, here on earth as well.  It is through these light bridges that we are able to send remote healing energy  from one location on the planet to another.


It is no longer necessary to send light from one individual person to another, drawing on your own energy source.  This is the way it used to be done.


Now a healer can simply call upon us, the Archangels and all of the angelic realm, to send light to a person in need or to a group of people.  The healer can go into a meditative state, and we send light without deviation from the cosmic energy source, into and all around the healer, creating a direct connection.


We direct this light from the Cosmic Light Source, The Divine, creating a direct connection straight up and down.


This creates two beams of light going all the way up to The Divine and back down into the center of the earth’s core.


This creates clear and precisely connected energy current lines.  There is no interference with them, as they are purely connected to Source Light.  These are direct energy lines to God.


Once these two beams of light are strongly established – one going through the healer vertically and one through the person in need vertically, we then establish a crystal clear bridge between the two – horizontally across, very high up in the angelic-etheric realms.


There is an Archangel at the arch of the bridge protecting the light source and an Archangel at each corner of the bridge stabilizing the light source.  Also, an Archangel watching over each person receiving the light.



Why is the healer needed for the healings?


Archangel Michael:

Having a clear healer helps the energy bridge ignite strongly with two flames being lit from the one flame source being of the healer.


A clear and connected healer being the conduit also creates a grounding source into Mother Earth which ensures that the energy current flows steadily, thus creating a more miraculous healing.



Can the healer be on the phone with the person receiving the energy healing?


Archangel Michael:

Yes, however it is not advised.


The phone’s energy current in and of itself is not usually clear or strong.  It is a significantly lower frequency than the energy line we create, lower than the connection and bridge point to The Divine.


When a phone call is made in this energy current, lower level vibrations and energies can crash the party and often do.  Yes, we can remove interference but it is a much more pure connection when done remotely without the phone’s lower vibration energy line running through this pure connection.


You see?



Yes, I see.


Makes sense, thank you.


Does this protect the person receiving healing energy?


Archangel Michael:

Yes it does.  When a direct connection to The Divine is created ONLY  to The Divine , not to the healer (or the phone), the person on the receiving end is protected from anything that is not for their highest and best good. 


Also, if the healer has any issues they have not worked through yet or are currently dealing with, the person receiving a healing does not receive the healer’s unresolved issues at all.


The clear connection from the Divine remains clear.


In other words, the new way of doing remote energy healing is by the healer not focusing on the receiver’s issues.


By focusing on receiving Divine light herself, the healer can let go and know that we, The Archangels, are Divinely healing in accordance with Divine Will for the highest and best good of all.


It is also best that the healer not have any emotional attachment to the outcome of the healing. 


Asking The Divine light to flood herself and the person needing the healing allows both parties to receive a quite miraculous healing, beyond what is possible if the healer just sent healing energy from herself to the client.


This is where miracles occur.  There is no “doing” on the part of the healer, only being in the flow of Divine Light and Love.



This makes a lot of sense.  I appreciate you explaining it like this.  I didn’t realize how the Archangels are at every post, ensuring an incredible healing experience.


Archangel Michael:

We would like more to receive healing in this way.


Through the direct connection with The Divine and through the bridge we create, we are able to bring through a clear, clean direct energy connection that also ushers in new light codes humanity is very thirsty for at this time.


Both the healer and the one receiving the healing receive these new light frequencies and become a carrier or conduit for these new light codes so they can uplift the entire planet with them.


These energy pathway bridges we create are an ideal way for us to assist those in need to receive the healing they’re seeking.


Each and every remote energy healing not only helps the entire planet ascend into higher forms of creation, but frees the person receiving the healing from old blockages and pain they may have not been able to release easily on their own.



Thank you Archangel Michael.  I so appreciate your explanation of how the remote energy healings can take place at this new level.


Archangel Michael:

It is my pleasure, as always, to assist all of you in any way you shall need me to.


Let your light shine beyond this time space reality into the Cosmos and back through us.


We are seeing to it you are safe, loved, supported and uplifted in every way possible.


We are honored you are here reading this right now.


You are loved to infinity and back.


You are our beloveds and we have not forgotten any of you.


Stay the course and ask for our assistance daily.


We are with you day and night, seeing you through any difficulty.


You are treasured and dear to our hearts and you will be remembered for your sincere and dedicated service here upon the earth at this time.


For there has never been a time on earth like now.


Let your adventures be joyfully connected.


We love you… indeed always.


Yours forever,


Archangel Michael”


Inspire others with a Tweet: We are seeing to it you are safe, loved, supported and uplifted in every way possible. Ask for our assistance daily.  Yours forever, Archangel Michael”


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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