How To Develop Your Intuition with Kimberly Dawn & Archangel Michael


Hi Sweet Earth Angel,

In the following audio-video I bring through tips for you with how to develop your intuition (further).  I also channel messages from Archangel Michael at the very end.  May you feel so loved, cherished and adored by all the Angels that watch over you as you tune into the audio.  XO…



In Love & Grace,


PS May peace, comfort and hope fill your heart this day and forevermore. YOU are an awe inspiring being of light.  Thank you for becoming the truest essence of yourself.

I believe healing our inner wounds shouldn’t be so hard.

  1. Healing the loss, grief and trauma is as simple as turning on the healing light switch and allowing the complexity of the pain to fade away.
  2. What if you could turn on a healing light stream that undoes all the complexities of trying to heal the inner pain yourself and suddenly… it dissipates all on it’s own?

Have you had thoughts like?

  • My whole life has changed
  • This loss is terrible and unimagined
  • I struggle to get through each day sometimes
  • This was sudden and unexpected
  • I’m unable to concentrate on anything for long sometimes
  • My mood and outlook can change so much from day to day
  • I feel disconnected
  • There are days when getting out of bed have been more than I can do
  • There were no warning signs and no goodbyes
  • I’m still experiencing agony over this
  • I cannot find something to look forward to

By turning on the healing light stream, you are saying goodbye to the complexities of healing the inner wounds yourself… suddenly feeling…

  • New insight and understanding for your loss
  • Comfort from higher angelic beings of light
  • Hope for there being a “light at the end of the tunnel” for you
  • Relief that you are not suffering alone
  • A genuine feeling of the pain being eased and soothed
  • A benevolent and protective presence of hope and comfort
  • An uplifting experience that feels like a “lifesaver” in many ways

Learn more about how to turn on the healing light switch for yourself. 

Self Service Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions

What they’re sayin’…

“I really love my Archangel Crystal Mini Light! I use it every day. It helps me, when I feel depleted, worn, or out of balance, to restore my energy fields and raise my frequency. I often keep them on all night for better sleep. I highly recommend it! Worth every penny!!”  J.B.

“Since I first switched my light on to do a meditative healing session I could not bring myself to switch it off! I feel such a comforting, loving feeling with it on. I have left it on at home while I’m at work and some work problems haven’t bothered me as much as before – It’s as if I have a serene and peaceful backdrop to what is going on.  And this is only over 3 days … I can’t wait to see how else I can use this beautiful Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit.  I love, love, love this healing light.  Thank you Kimberly, all your offerings are full of love and integrity.”  Mary A.

“I just received my Crystal Lights Mini Unit and was delightfully pleased. It came in a cute box with a label — Handle with Care-Fragile, Thank you!

As I opened the box I found a mask, the remote, instructions and an Archangel Michael House Cleaning and Blessing CD. I played the CD and absolutely love the House cleaning and Blessing on it. I also know you can take the CD with you to a family or friend’s house for them to use while you are visiting.

I have been having terrible knee problems and a muscle tear. I turned the lights on in the evening and wrote my little notes in my notebook and lay them next to the lights with my family pictures. I went to sleep very early and woke up in the morning. My knee pain has subsided quite a bit! I am quite thankful for that! They are truly healing lights. I am going to put my family and friends pictures next to it each night when they are in need (health issues or stress, etc.) You will love these lights as you get used to them and you can control the colors. So if you just want a white light, you can program a white light. I will be taking my Crystal Mini Light Unit with me when I visit my new Grand babies in the cute box that it came in. I just love it and you will too!”  Linda S.

Learn more about how to turn on the healing light switch for yourself.