Today’s message is from Archangel Daniel:

“For centuries we couldn’t reach the people as easily as we can now. This time on earth is like no other. So many can hear, feel, sense and see us now. We literally take your prayers and intentions and deliver them to your delegating team so you have more support and help immediately! Things do not have to take a millennium anymore. Ask us today for what you most want and need, place this on the silver platter I hold for you, and watch miraculous events occur this next week. Yours truly, in service to you always.”

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“Hi Kim, Just wanted to let you know I received the lights today, used them, and the audio CD for clearing the home with Archangel Michael.

I am keeping the lights on for 24 hrs right now to keep the vibe high on the full moon.  The timing couldn’t have been better.   I feel much energized and more joyful already!
And thank you for the sweet note!!   Everything you said, right back at ya!  Much Love and Light,  J.”  😇😘❤

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Testimonials about the mini unit:  “Oh my goodness, Kimberly, I just love that I have a mini unit too! Can almost hardly believe it! Thanks for sharing in my excitement. :) I had been wondering about the larger units and knew one would be meant for me at some point the moment I listened to your audio where you talked about what you could tell in your eyes and I cried tears of deep knowing because that had been my experience also.

My only concerns that I asked the Archangels about where the cost and how complicated the mounting process felt and how large…and so of course you created this!! Small, no mounting necessary, and extra money I’ve been waiting to come through for six months came through on the day you emailed about these mini unit gems. :) So this is just such a perfect place to start and a perfect fit for where I am right now. Thanks for letting me share how miraculous it feels on our end each step of the way traveling this journey with you. And thanks for being brave and inviting all of us into the adventure! :) :) :)

Okay, so my session was incredible. I wrote down a couple things and the second I put the cloth over my eyes I could feel them get right to work, even more so than usual! And at one point I saw kind of an outline of myself with those grids you’ve talked about on my forehead. There are so many more details I could say but I don’t want to have you ready my email ALL day! Bottom line, unit seems to work perfectly. :) C.”

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  • Simply put, the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and the Archangels give you a session based off of what your receipt says and what you write in your notebook you want help with.
  • We have 3 Archangel Crystal Lights running at all times in our healing room, if you purchase a session YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR SESSION AT THE TIME REQUESTED by the healing team (you’ll feel it, the energy current is very strong during your session duration).
  • From the higher realms the healing team reach you in the comfort of your own home through our 3 Archangel Crystal Lights units that are running 24/7 in our healing room.  Our Archangel Crystal Lights are protected, overseen and sanctioned by Archangel Michael to bring you blissful advanced healing and relief.  It’s quite magical how they work!

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What They’re Sayin’

The weight loss session really helped me. Cravings have vanished! And when there are no cravings, it makes it so much easier to make the good choices I know how to make. I have lost 12 pounds and would love to do another session :o)  J.S.

Hi Kimberly, That was an amazing session!! Thank you so much!! I felt SO much while I was meditating and know that this helped me on every possible level.  You are a true light worker and doing so much good for us! L.

Thank you so much for the Archangel Messages and healing session – I fell into a deep sleep last night while doing the session. Woke up this morning feeling none of the usual stress, weight, worry and tiredness. I could feel a buzzing and humming in my body last night – my daughter says that my room looked so bright as if a light was shining over me. R.M.

Kim, Since my last healing with you, whenever something comes up that would have triggered a negative reaction in the past, instead, I feel like a ‘bubble’ of energy around me, holding me in the moment, so I can’t go ‘back’ and into a past negative emotion ‘pain trap’. And the situation or trigger, seems to simply disappear, since I don’t energize it. This is just the best description I can come up with, but I know I am receiving help from the Highest. J.B.

The other day I was in a deep funk. I was feeling a whole heap of things, and it was hard for me to think and see clearly. That night I experienced a Distance Archangel Energy Healing session with my friend, Kimberly Dawn. Everything lifted for me after the session. I had one of these sessions the night before I left for Bali and I believe it greatly affected all the healing and peace I experienced there. I’m usually quite skeptical about these type of things, but with Kim it feels different. I know her and I trust her. She is the real deal. I highly recommend Kim’s 60 minute session. It is life changing, so healing. It is powerful!  I love sharing things with that have worked for me. :o) Debbie Mirza

I do not want to sound redundant, but I am truly grateful that you were sent to earth to help all of us.   I also appreciate the fact that you discuss some of your struggles as well.   I sense that you and my daughter are a lot alike, in that you both are SO OPEN, and SO GIFTED, and you are also here experiencing the human condition.    You come across as SO HUMBLE in your emails to all of us, and that in itself is a GIFT.  J.