Today’s message is from Archangel Jeremiel:

“Enjoy your day fully. There is sweet pure love waiting for you. It is our honor to send it to you. We are pleased to see when you are smiling. The Divine has unending upliftment for you and we are always available to bring you these higher frequencies of being. Request and you shall receive in delightful ways.”

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Kimberly-Dawn 888888Hi Sweet Soul… I’m Kimberly Dawn


I believe healing our inner wounds shouldn’t be so complex and is available by turning on a switch.


I help gentle souls who have had a sudden loss or are dealing with grief, who feel numb, are in disbelief or want to know why this is happening to them receive healing after their loss.  I do this through group and self-serve Archangel Crystal Lights℠  Energy Healing Sessions.


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What if you could turn on the healing light stream that undoes all the complexities of trying to heal the inner wounds and suddenly, they disappear all on their own?

“Hi Kimberly, Just wanted to let you know I received the lights today, used them, and the audio CD for clearing the home with Archangel Michael.

I am keeping the lights on for 24 hrs right now to keep the vibe high on the full moon.  The timing couldn’t have been better.   I feel much energized and more joyful already!
And thank you for the sweet note!!   Everything you said, right back at ya!  Much Love and Light,  J.”  😇😘❤

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Testimonials about the mini unit:  “Oh my goodness, Kimberly, I just love that I have a mini unit too! Can almost hardly believe it! Thanks for sharing in my excitement. 🙂 I had been wondering about the larger units and knew one would be meant for me at some point the moment I listened to your audio where you talked about what you could tell in your eyes and I cried tears of deep knowing because that had been my experience also.

My only concerns that I asked the Archangels about where the cost and how complicated the mounting process felt and how large…and so of course you created this!! Small, no mounting necessary, and extra money I’ve been waiting to come through for six months came through on the day you emailed about these mini unit gems. 🙂 So this is just such a perfect place to start and a perfect fit for where I am right now. Thanks for letting me share how miraculous it feels on our end each step of the way traveling this journey with you. And thanks for being brave and inviting all of us into the adventure! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay, so my session was incredible. I wrote down a couple things and the second I put the cloth over my eyes I could feel them get right to work, even more so than usual! And at one point I saw kind of an outline of myself with those grids you’ve talked about on my forehead. There are so many more details I could say but I don’t want to have you ready my email ALL day! Bottom line, unit seems to work perfectly. 🙂 C.”

I believe healing our inner wounds shouldn’t be so hard.

Healing the loss, grief and trauma is as simple as turning on the healing light switch and allowing the complexity of the pain to fade away.


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By joining the Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions you are healing the loss, grief, sadness, depression and trauma and releasing yourself from all the heaviness of the pain… making the healing process much easier for yourself.


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What They’re Sayin’

Two of my friends that know i have placed their pictures by the Healing light have had “true miracles.”   My one girlfriend who is in a relationship with a man that has a young boy with an illness who is 9 years old was still in diapers going to his special ed classroom.  He has finally gotten out of the diapers!!  Her relationship with her boyfriend and this little boy has been going so much better. She is writing things down as I have told her and she sees how it is helping her.


My other friend’s son is being promoted in the company and making better money. Thank you Archangel Michael and to you Kimberly for producing these little healing lights and for being such a wonderful light in this world!   
Hoping to get the large healing lights someday in the future!  


Linda S.

Hey Kimberly,

I just wanted to send you a short message saying how much I am enjoying the Archangel Crystal Lights, they are soooooooooooo powerful and so beautiful!!!  It is just so exciting to be able to just go in the healing room when ever I want and get a session!!!  I am just so grateful and appreciate you sooooo much!!  Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart and soul! These Archangel Crystal Lights are like nothing on the planet at this time.

I Love You Deeply,

Sandy W.